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Have you ever Googled your names?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14651points) August 8th, 2014

Have you ever googled your names? First names, last names, full names… anything as long as they’re your names.

If so, what were the results? Did you find any famous people from the results? Or any hilarious things happened?

Care to share your stories?

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I was relieved ,absolutely nothing came up,having an unlisted phone number helps,because I have googled family members and usually come up with a phone number and an address, but with me NOTHING, and plan on keeping it that way.

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That was for the real me, when I googled my name it did come up that I was a big black line backer for the Alabama raiders.
Not some middle age over weight western canada truck driver.

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I just did. It looks like I’m a voice-over artist, teacher at UCLA extension, author and a writer producer.

yay me

The woman who has my name is famous enough that I can’t find myself after looking at several pages. I did find an obituary, but I’m pretty sure I’m not dead.

I googled my name using my maiden name and I found a professional Psychic Tarot Reader and Spiritual Teacher. I also found a lawyer and a realtor. I have not found myself yet.

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When I have, I come up. Can’t say that there’s much hilarity in reading what I already know about myself.

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I have and yes, some things appear but nothing that matters about being publicized. Some has to do with my job and some is from writing a blog.

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I’m the third me that shows up on LinkedIn (which is the first google hit). I’m right under an accountant (from the same city as me – weird), and a marketing executive.

My personal website shows up on page two.

Four, five pages in, I’m quoted in a few online articles regarding a previous job.

The accountant version of me is all over google. Better him than me.

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I have.

I don’t remember what the results were then, but this time the top result is someone once dubbed “the Bad Boy of Architecture”.

Hopefully if a bunch of DEA’s bite the big one trying to raid an impenetrable underground crack house that he designed, what’s left of them won’t be banging my door. ;-)

Then there’s this man, who took 12 rounds stopping a mass-murdering racist.

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I have and I come up! When I say ‘I’ I mean me personally. Not one of those other [insert my name]‘s. I personally don’t show up in any fascinating, exciting or even horrible way. Just me doing what I do.

I just googled me then and there are ‘others’. Such as my name as a character from a film. My name was used for a rather disturbed murderer in a film. I knew this already because I remember watching it and being a bit horrified that they’d used my name. One of the others gives advice on sexuality and there are quite a few references to dead people with my name from sites like Ancestry. My name was mentioned in Samuel Pepys’ diary too and one of us works in an Emergency Department. Another has participated in a triathlon and at least one of us, maybe more, is into mystical shit (that’s definitely not me. I’m too cynical). Oh and I’m a jewellery artist. We’ve all been very busy!

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I do from time to time. I make it a point to not have any results linked to me through google. Every now and then some site will get my personally information and I will have to call and demand it removed (which can be a pain in the ass at times, but it’s worth it in the end IMO.) I have a pretty unique first and lat name so when it comes to google, it’s pretty obvious it’s me rather than some other notable person. Right now if you were go google my full name you would get no results.

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Apparently I am some bundesliga footballer.

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If there were any famous people sharing our names then obviously that would already be known to us.
I got me, multi millionaire international playboy who does a lot of work for charidee.

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My name is all over Google but mostly it’s not me.

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There is me and then there is someone who is a reporter in Africa with the same name. That’s weird, because my name is nothing like the typical African name.

As far as my information goes, it’s nothing exciting. At work, I am on some committees and my salary is public, since I am a public employee. Other than that, no “most wanted” posters in the post office or anything LOL.

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No one famous or infamous. My name is an old family name that goes back to the 1500s when the first of our clan traveled to the new world from Wales; so genealogy sites come up, as do several others with my name in the New England and Midatlantic regions. There are two others in my state – one of whom is a few years older than I and we have crossed paths at an Eye Dr. and some shops.

I personally come up on my business’ site, and a few of those other sites – some with my old addresses. Rather than trying to have it all removed or corrected, I figure it’s a safety in numbers thing.

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Yes. There’s another [name withheld] who’s an agricultural economist from Denmark.
Please don’t look look up the names of any agricultural economists from Denmark.

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I do occasionally. I’m me.

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Yes. I have a very unique last name, so everything that comes up is actually me. Nothing too damning though, although I just emailed my buddy the other day to ask him to take down something kind of unprofessional that he posted. It’s related to the comedy group I’m in at school.

Other than that, mostly just information about my involvement on campus, and some art I’ve posted online comes up.

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I am about 7 pages into the search, despite having my name on the company web site.

There was a monsignor in the San Francisco Archdiocese with the same first and last name as me, and with the same middle initial.

There is a photographer for a newspaper in Ukiah CA. And there is an artist in England.

My name is not common but not rare.

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Yes, I found out I am famous for a really cheesy song.

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I have 3 possibilities for my name search and yes my actual work can be found on the searches:
Possibility 1: I am a lawyer in St. Louis or South Africa, a photographer in London, and a high school football player in PA. A few things from the real me is in there.

Possibility 2: 23 possibilities on linkedin, a sex offender in FL, works with renewable energy in the UK, a golfer in NSW, and a chiropractor in Australia.

Possibility 3: nothing with the full name.

I’ve been around, just not that far around.

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I just did and evidently I am a lot more common than I thought.

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Just did, and there is only one of me in the U.S. Also came up that I had an account on My Space and Twitter. If I do, I don’t remember making them. Showed 2 pictures of me, and an avatar I used to use on Wisdm.

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yes and I found nothing. I lead a boring, uneventful, obey the rules life.

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