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What episodes of the Twilight Zone was Andy Griffith in?

Asked by Xilas (825points) August 9th, 2014

I see Ron Howard in one of the first episodes and I’m curious to know how many others from the Andy Griffith show where in the twilight zone original series, Andy included.

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Andy Griffith did not appear in the Twilight Zone series. is a wonderful resource for such things. You can start with the original cast of The Andy Griffith Show, and click on each actor’s name to go to their page, where you click on their filmography and select Actor, and you’ll get a chronological,list of every TV show and movie they’ve appeared in.

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Andy Griffith’s only Twilight Zone performance.

But if you like both shows, you should see The Monsters are Coming to Maple Street which is basically The Twilight Zone set in Mayberry (and includes one of the cast members, Amzie Strickland).

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The Twilight Zone Companion is a must-have for TZ fans.

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