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What's the coolest thing you've ever made with your own hands?

Asked by ibstubro (18730points) August 9th, 2014

From a house to an earring. From a flower box to a car.

Help was peripheral, the end product was yours.

It doesn’t need to be impressive to us, just something that you were extremely proud of making (at your age?).

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I made a stringed instrument out of a meatloaf pan and elastic bands. I tightened each band differently to make a chromatic scale of 1.5 octaves. It was awesome but kept going out of tune.

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I have made several solid body electric guitars from scratch except for the necks. I even wind my own guitar pickups. I built the winder too. I just finished a MAME cabinet earlier this afternoon similar to this

One of my favorite projects was a theremin I designed to connect directly to a P.A. system. I have a hard time picking out the “coolest” project I have done.

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I typed with my hands a cook book recipe interactive guide. You tell it what food you have and you get a list of possible menu items. I wrote it in QBasic in June 1999.

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I cook almost every day.

Knitted a scarf for my husband.

Made a dress and a pair of pants in jr. high.

Made a few rugs back in the day. It was from a kit though.

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Several free hand coil method sculptures. One a life size bust of a woman who became a lingerie model in a local lingerie store. The other a sculpted horses head, flared nostrils, pinned ears, a mad mustang.

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I love working with my hands. Probably my coolest creations are my jewelry. I can post pictures on another day.

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I designed and built collapsed fiber optic ring. The engineers were amazed by it twice: first, when I originally built it, and again 3 years later when I showed them how easily it altered to a legitimate ring.
Yeah, you can’t appreciate it unless you understand fiber optics, but everyone who looked at it was impressed.

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In 1977 I removed the back seats from a 1964 Econoline van that had a 24” vertical extension, complete with skylight vent and windows. I installed a bed, storage shelves, and most importantly, a sound system, complete with 20” woofers, with a choice of 5 inputs; AM, FM, CB radio, 8-track, or cassette.

@filmfann I’m impressed!

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@Yetanotheruser Hahaha…my ex husband had an Econoline van in the 70’s, the original “pick up” vehicle. Many a party night in that van. lol
His claim to fame was installing electric cash register drawers in a work bench he made once. He had a little button and when you pushed it all the drawers popped out from under the workbench with a ding sound.

He was so proud of his creation.

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In middle school I made a very delicate ceramic sculpture. That sculpture was one of the few fond memories I have of school. Lurve to the question! Thanks for thinking of this question!

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I made my kid with my entire body and it took some doing, I tell you! Other than that, I’ve done some painting in high school I’m sort of proud of and I craft things all the time that people buy. Mostly, soap and other nice smelling things for the bath and skin, but I do stuff with fused plastic bags that is quite fun and I started making these, which is GREAT fun and easy enough to do while watching TV.
I’ve sewn things I really loved. One was a soft sided briefcase that I used ALL the time until it just looked too scruffy. I got so many compliments on that I should make another one.
This fall, I have plans to make some LED jewellery and accessories that will be both pretty and practical during our dark season at 63 degrees North.
I have a blogg that I need to update and it has some of my creations on it.

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@talljasperman That is BRILLIANT! I love that idea about a cook book that does that!!

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String puppets (a clown and a witch) for my children. I made the heads using molds and wood putty and then painted them, their bodies out of wood and all the clothes. It was great fun.

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I took a pottery class about 12 years ago and made some cool, organic type pottery things. Kind of modeled after flowers or something from the ocean floor.

Other than that, I do decoupage and have decoupaged items in my home and at work. I took an art class that taught faux finishing, and decoupage was one of the techniques. Sometimes I will faux finish the item first, using glaze and paint techniques (to create marble effect, etc.). I’ve also given them as gifts to people. I don’t sell them, just make them for myself or for others. Each is very different, depending on the subject, my mood, etc.

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I always wanted to try blowing glass. I’ve watched, but never been given the opportunity to try it.

I created a website for our auction that I was inordinately proud of, it looking nice and me largely computer illiterate.

What a creative (and sometimes meticulous) bunch of Jellies we have. :-)

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My DC1 Integra with JDM front end conversion. Yes, I’m talking about it again.

I did all the work but paint and the drilling out of the USDM core support (the shop can break their own drill bits).

I sourced all the parts from Japan and did all the assembly and wiring.

Those that see it and walk on are just as satisfying as those that stare and take pictures.

Why? Because my shizz looks factory.

Damn, I am so AWESOME.

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^^^ What IS this you are talking about? A car? Pictures?

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I’m not a handy or craftsy person. I did a few pieces in art class that I was pretty pleased with. I was the most proud of a triceratops I made out of clay in first grade. We modeled the clay and it was heated in the kiln, then we painted it (it was the early ‘70s, so it probably had lead) and it went in the kiln again. It was awesome. My mother still has it – it was not as awesome as I thought it was, but I was really proud of it at the time.

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The coolest thing? Ice cream.

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I wrote a 300-page manuscript a couple of years ago. I’m proud of having taken the time, it took quite a bit of self-discipline.

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^^^ Gails stuff. :-(

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I drew pictures of my children for their grandparents. They turned out really well. I’ve done other artistic things, but i was pleased with those drawings.

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