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Guy problem: What should I do next...

Asked by intrigued (8points) July 13th, 2007

I have been in touch with a guy who i knew through school. We started texting each other..spent 2-3 hours each day texting about very very general stuff. Likes. dislikes, music, bands, movies, passions, travel etc. I know a lot abt the person now more that he does. Past one week he has stop replying to my messages. Sends me monosyllables in answers. One day her was not in a gud mood and refused to talk about it so i let him be. We have never spoken on the phone. I am just confused as to what happened and maybe this is all a figment of my imagination but i feel something is wrong. I don't want to ask coz it would seem like i am being too pushy. He never initiates the sms, its always a reply to mine. I am not looking for anything here but i like his views and would like to have him as a friend. Not sure how to move ahead, I feel like i am in a deadlock without actually confronting the whole situation which might just be nothing. Don't want to look stupid.

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Well, I guess asking him wouldn't be too weird. I mean, he knows, too, that normally he would always reply to your messages and has suddenly stopped. He probably has a reason. If you ask it, it'll be easier for him to tell you the reason.

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He also may be sending a pretty clear message that he isn't interested in this friendship any more. I'd probably just let it go. If he wants to re-establish contact, he knows where to find you.

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So thats wat confuses me then...why did he go along with it? And wat went wrong suddenly, i cud let it go, but i just want an answer and don't want it to be a mystery for that logical?

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Why does he not have the guts to say it outright that please don't text me anymore. Why does it all have to die out without a reason ...i don't believe in making friends like that.

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He is probably involved with someone else. Just ask him, then you will know and won't have to worry any more.

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"Why did he go along with it?" Why not? As long as all he had to do was go on & on about himself?
Why did you go along with it?

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I did because i liked the stuff he was talking it was really interesting. I mean i am pretty mature and we were having some serious and interesting conversations. I knew this would not go on forever bec of the stuff he told me abt him. But i def did not expect it to end like this. Do you think i shud ask him why he switched off. Though i have a feeling he will not repsond. Which will make me feel even worst.

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i know he is not involved with a particular girl. He is not the types. He believes in many gfs and not just one..... the types who will not put all his eggs in one basket....So he def has not gf....i can vouch for that

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Well, if you want to know why he stopped responding your best bet is to ask ;-)

And if he then doesn't respond, well, then I guess you should indeed let it go and he'll know where to find you, as sjg102379 (that was a copy-paste ;-) said.

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i did send him a sms yesterday saying i want to talk whenever he is free :) waiting to hear back...thanks for all the advice ....

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intrigued, keep us posted ;-)

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lol....its not happening dude :) I did not get any response and i am not expecting one also now :) it sucks but i guess that is the way it is...there is no point in pursuing this any more!

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guess what i did get an apology finally saying he just wanted solitary confinment from people he knew...

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He could've said that immediately...

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i figured out wat the problem was...i think i was asking way too many questions. It's kinda hard to keep a conversation on through text, specially when the other person never initiates it or asks much questions. So maybe i made the mistake of asking too many questions which tired him out.....he also feels there is no need to talk with me every single day and so i have decided to stop :) i never believe in one way friendships. If the other person does not want it i am out of it. .....

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