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I'm nervous for school to start, what should I do...?

Asked by Puga_chan_o3o (7points) August 9th, 2014

I’m starting 5th grade on the 25th this month, and I’m extremely nervous… In my school district we have two middles schools, 5th and 6th, and 7th and 8th. My friend/neighbor said that they act like they own the place and kids get bullied a lot. Also the school is huge. And by huge, I mean HUGE. It takes almost 4 minutes to go from the furthest room from one end to the other, which is how long we have to get everything. And 4 or 5 schools are coming to this one school, and we went for a tour of it, and there were almost 1,000 kids altogether. I mean in 5th grade… I’m going to die of the stampedes. x.x There’s lockers too… and I’m horrible at remembering codes, especially ones that you have to twist and turn. And there’s the fact that it’s MIDDLE SCHOOL. You get judged by what you wear, how you act, even what you eat sometimes! And the one most annoying yet apparently important is having a boyfriend. I’m not interested in dating anyone really, other than when we have to go to our dances (in spring and winter) or something, even then I’ll probably stay with some friends. Well this got off topic a little… but still what can I do to be a little less nervous and anxious more… excited(?) I dunno, I just want some advice since my mom won’t help. Sorry this is so long.

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Check your message box, to the right, no, up, click.

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In situations like this what I do is look around and see hundreds and thousands of other kids handle it, so I can too. You will be just fine. Everyone is a little nervouse when they start middle school. Wear something typical for your community. If you are very afraid of getting lost maybe your parents can arrange for you to go back to the school and walk the route you will go from class to class. If they gave you a map of the school study it for a little bit. My schools all had fairly logical layouts, most do. Have your parent’s help you look at the school floorplan.

There are always scary rumours about how new students get harrassed, but in my experience most of the time the rumours aren’t true.

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I agree with @JLeslie about the “look around and see hundreds and thousands of other kids handle it” part. Really, you’ll be surprised that you aren’t the only one with that feeling. There are a lot more kids out there who think like you too, because you all have to switch the environment. When you go to school you’ll see.

Doesn’t your school have a map? I guess such a big place like this ought to have a map so that students cannot get lot. I used to be in a big school too, and I remember getting to the wrong class over and over that was kind of embarrassing. I was forced to use the map often. If your school really doesn’t have a map, then you can start by only remembering the way to your class. Once you remember, you will start memorizing other places.

And the “middle school” part, I agree it can be a bit touch to fit in groups sometimes. But instead of trying to fit in by doing exactly what they do, why don’t you just find some more friends with the same interest as you. Be friendly, talk to your friends. You don’t need to have a lot of friends, just some but good friends. And good friends won’t judge each other’s behavior.

And the boyfriend part, what is so wrong with not having a boyfriend? I’m at university now and I still don’t have any boyfriend, yet no one judges me. Don’t force yourself to get a boyfriend just to get acceptance. Maybe when you are at school some nice guy will come to you.

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That sure is one big school, but I am certain you will do just fine. I am sure that they expect people will have trouble adjusting at the beginning and make allowances. You may mess up at the beginning, but that is okay.

As for remembering your locker code, there is a well known technique for memorizing numbers which I use frequently. You can read about it here

Boyfriends are the last thing you should be thinking about, especially in fifth grade.

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FYI I don’t think 5th graders are allowed to use this website, so the question might get yanked.

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I tried so hard to fit in in middle school. Now, I look back and laugh at my middle school self. I say be yourself, and with almost 1000 kids, I’m sure you’ll find someone like you. Remember that learning is important, no matter how much the other kids say it’s stupid or don’t care. You’ll go much further by knowing more.
Do you know anyone who’s going to the same school? Chances are you may not have any classes with them, but maybe if your last names start with the same letter, you’ll be in the same homeroom.

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You’re going to be just fine. I know you don’t believe me, but I would bet a fortune on it. The reason I’m so convinced of this is based solely on the astonishing fact that a question of this depth and quality of exposition is the product of someone with a 4th grade education. I’m sitting here with my mouth open in amazement at the thoroughness of your analysis of what you believe to be upcoming difficulties involving your new school. I can only give you this piece of advice. Consider how you’ve done so far in dealing with your old school and your peers there. Then consider that your new school will simply be a larger sampling of the same varieties of people including the kids and friends from your former school. You are going to really appreciate and be grateful for the utility of your locker- believe me, and you will memorize the combination to your locker faster than you did with your own phone number. You should print out this question and tape it inside your new locker so that when you open the door it is the first thing you see. You won’t believe how funny you will think it is after a couple of weeks.

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