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What do you have a knack for?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) August 10th, 2014

There are people I would say have a knack for doing certain things, some can seem to fix anything mechanical from vacuums to leaf blowers. Some have the knack for shopping with coupons, or playing music without needing or able to read sheet music, others can grow anything, anywhere it seems. What do you have a knack for doing, it just comes easy for you or you can figure it out quickly and do not need training?

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I’m pretty good at knacking off puns…

Although some of my friends think it’s one of my, er, wurstknacks.

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I’m good at small talk. Also the ability to detect changes in the timeline.

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Huh I had to think about this for awhile. I have a lot of various skills, but few of them came easy to me, which is probably why they all eventually plateau – I’m decent at a lot of things, not really great at anything.

I guess I’ve never had trouble with self-expression. I’m pretty good at saying what’s on my mind. What a ‘meh’ skill to have, though.

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Being nice to strangers.

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I have a knack for noticing when something is off by a millimeter when they are supposed to be centered. It is not connected to things being crooked, like a picture being crooked, it has more to do with centering.

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I’m a pretty good proof reader and line-by-line copy editor.

I can spot a weed in a garden bed at 100 paces.

I can sight-read most sheet music and play it on the piano.

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I’ve always had the ability to pick up nearly any musical instrument and get something halfway decent out of it.

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I’m very good in a crisis in terms of knowing what to do, who to call, where and how to get help, and staying calm. I can manage the situation well, stay organized, not get emotional, and keep other folks on task.

As a result, I have spent a lot of time over the years at hospitals, funeral homes, veterinarians, doctor’s offices, and emergency rooms.

I’m not thrilled that I have become this person. My MiL dislocates her hip… I’m in the ER with her for twelve hours. My father went for last ditch radiation treatment… I took him to the appointments. My wife’s uncle was in hospice at home… I cleaned out his feeding tube. My nephew’s dog was found dead… I lug the 100lb. body down three flights of stairs and take it to the animal hospital. My FiL was in the hospital fighting pneumonia (that would eventually kill him)... I spent 20–30 hours a week at the hospital taking care of things.

When things go south, folks stand around talking or panicking. I’m usually the one that just gets it done.

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@hominid: I so wish I had that ability. You are blessed.

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Logical thinking and analysis
Rough mathematical computation and estimation in my head
Writing, speaking and comprehending Standard English (including proper spelling)
Structured Query Language (SQL), string manipulation and a lot of Excel functionality, including macro creation and editing
Ad hoc database creation and maintenance, including data normalization
Construction and engineering drawing interpretation and technique
First aid, triage and prioritization of treatment for all kinds of minor disasters
Google fu

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My knack is that I have seemingly unlimited perseverance. I can do a lot of things just adequately and nothing extremely well. Nothing has ever come easy for me. I accomplish hard tasks through brute force and never give up until it is done to my mediocre standards.

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Patterns. I am a savant.

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I’m good at inventing stories.

I’m also good at adjusting an idea so that it fits my usage.

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