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How long do you have to give someone to get their things after they move out?

Asked by leopluridean (10points) July 8th, 2008

Someone lived with me, now they don’t. How long do I gotta give them to get their stuff? This is for the state of Delaware.

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Legally? I’m guessing you’re not in the best terms with them. Just call them up and see if they want their stuff, unless you want to keep it.

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Not sure about the laws, but I would think it depends on the situation.

If they are just moving out I would think maybe 2 weeks. That gives them time to get their things together and find a new place.

On the other hand, if this person is a threat to you or did something to put you in danger, isn’t paying rent, stole from you or did something along those lines. I would say immediately, but I don’t know what the laws are in Delaware.

Check here Evictions.

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Yeah, I’m definitely looking for a legal answer, which means my feelings toward this person does not matter.

Legally, how long do they have after I inform them they need to get their things?

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Here is the information you seek. Seems like the property needs to be abandoned for 1 year.

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in the state of MS, after 30 days, all their stuff is yours and you may do with it as you please.

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Call your state and ask for landlord/tenant rules. They will not tell you the rules – they’re
too busy – but they’ll tell you where to find them. Most landlord/tenant rules are heavily
weighted in favor of tenants, so don’t get your hopes up.

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in california if u have been leaving in your residence for more than a year u have to give a person 60days anything less than that 30days

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Not sure of the legalities of this, but if it were me, I would put their stuff into a storage unit, and let them know where they can find it. if they want it, they can either get the key for you, or continue to pay for storage. In Florida, you only have to keep it 30 days.

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