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What do you think of Clinton's criticism of Obama?

Asked by LostInParadise (25105points) August 11th, 2014

Hillary Clinton has said that the mess in Iraq is due to Obama’s refusal to invade Syria. Is she serious? Does she really think we should have gotten caught up in another war like Iraq? And why does she think that would have improved things? One of the few good things you can say about Assad is that he is not a fundamentalist. Not so for the opposition. Libya, which we did invade, is a total wreck. Is that her model?

I am finding it increasingly difficult to like Clinton, who is almost certain to be the Democratic presidential nominee. Between her Wall Street connections and her war mongering, it is getting difficult to distinguish her positions from those of the Republicans.

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That a Clinton is criticizing a liberal Democrat should be seen as an indicator of just how insane things have become of late.

Please loli ”thrall me with your acumen.”

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A wall street slave and a warmonger.
My, my, the clinton house dragon has become a republican posing as a democrat.
(can not blame bill for cheating on her with the intern)

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I don’t think it is sincere. It is political posturing. She is trying to distance herself from the mess that is the Middle East with a view to the 2016 Democratic presidential nominations. I am not an American but I wouldn’t vote for her if I were.

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I too cast a jaundiced eye on the Clintons for embracing the dark side. But in their defense, when Bill left the white house, the Clintons were (compared to folks at their altitude) broke! This is America. Where does one turn to accumulate a pile of money without the tedium of honest labor? Want a hint? Hillary can puff and wag her finger at Obama all she wants. The truth is that if Obama commits troops to Syria, her hot ass would have absolutely NO chance of ever sitting in the oval office, and she knows it. The issue of whether or not the the United States should insert infantry units into Syria is moot for the simple reason that at this stage only a politician with a career death wish would engage in so certain a career buster.

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Not a lot, she’s a fucking demented cougar.

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First, she’s probably right. Obama waffled on Syria and let Assad screw up there. Which left an opening for ISIS.

Second, and more important, this is electioneering for 2016. She has to separate herself from Obama to get elected. This is the first of many efforts she will make to be the non-Obama Democrat. She has to show independence and not tie herself to Obama’s foreign policy.

From that point of view – that this is about the 2016 elections, this makes perfect sense.

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In an attempt to endear herself to Republicans, Clinton runs the risk of alienating herself from the party faithful. My usual approach to voting is to pull the Democratic row button. At this point, I am considering choosing as president the most progressive third party candidate, and I do not considering this wasting my vote. It is a clear message to the Democratic party that if they want to win elections they had better start distinguishing themselves from Republicans.

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Whether intended or not, it distances Hillary from Obama, which, if successful, will allow progressive racists to vote for her, but might reduce minority participation in the election.

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@elbanditoroso got it right. Does anyone really think that Obama, or any president, is above criticism, and simply cannot make mistakes?

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Does it make sense for Clinton to position herself to the right of Obama, who is himself fairly conservative? There is a slowly growing groundswell of progressives who are fed up with the Democratic party. There may soon come a time, and I am making no predictions, when we are able to make ourselves heard.

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I voted twice for O and believe he’s done—and tried awfully hard to do—many very good things. I also think he’s done many not-good things and deserves honest, educated and constructive (as opposed to racially or partisan—biased) criticism, as any president should.

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I think she is running for office and is trying to earn more votes. They are both as phony as a three dollar bill.

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Of course she’s not serious, she’s just trying to position herself to run in the next election. Trouble is, she already has a likeability problem, and this kind of thing is not helping at all. Whoever is running her campaign is a perfect idiot. They need to throw out the playbook and start from scratch. This could have been a winning campaign, if only she had run on firsts, instead of playing exactly the same games every other presidential candidate does. It’s really too late now.

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Oh god, please, no. Is it that time again?

Can I get a safe word?

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I could care less. She is so obvious and she offers no apology for being so self focused. Not indicitave of a real leader to throw colleagues under the bus.

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My sentiments exactly. I have done my best not to think of Clinton as self-centered, back stabbing and haughty and generally abrasive, with no significant accomplishments, but she just keeps reinforcing my opinions. These are not qualities that one wants in a leader.

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The safe word is Potato Salad.

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The safe word is Harder

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The safe word is Mffmfmmfmmmf.

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Thanks, @jca.

I would have to say, ‘When you’re aggressively, belligerently putting yourself forward you’re not going to make any better decisions than when you were down on yourself, and when you are hunkering down and pulling back.’

Even more telling, “Even her memoir “Hard Choices,” which she was promoting in her interview with Mr. Goldberg, soft-pedaled the gaps and painted a portrait of her and Mr. Obama in lock step in rebuilding America’s tattered image abroad.”

It’s the exact reasonshe has image problems, and that when she actually runs for office her negative rating shoot through the roof.

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