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Finger still numb after pressing down too hard on a stapler?

Asked by rockfan (9217points) August 11th, 2014

I was stapling a bunch of papers together for two hours, and now my finger is numb. Has this happened to anyone else?

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If it’s not getting better by tomorrow, make an appointment to see your GP. I don’t think it’s serious but maybe it’s a warning to not do so much stapling at once – or indeed any manual repetitive task

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Interesting ailment. You probably damaged some nerves in your fingertip.

But I’m not sure about your technique. I usually use the side of my hand, balled up like a fast, and slam it that way.

If stapling is going to be a large part of your life, it might be worth it to invest in an electronic stapler. Like this: kind of expensive

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I agree with @Stinley. What finger is it? Were you bending your wrist every time you stapled?

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a form of carpal tunnel?

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I had a similar problem with my thumb. Then the problem spread to my wrist. I took it to my chiropractor who said I had done something to the joint in my thumb which after a few weeks started causing me to have trouble with my wrist. He poked me on my arm in a certain place and I about jumped off the exam table it hurt so bad. He nodded and said it was good I came in when I did because it would continue to get worse unless I got the original problem taken care of.

He adjusted my thumb and wrist and it’s much better, but I still have trouble if I over use it. A few more times at the chiro and I should be back to normal.

By the way, our daughter had an injury to her wrist 20 years ago. She had it xrayed and they put it in a cast. The doctors said everything would be “fine” once she healed. But a few months after she got her cast off she started having pain in that wrist. The pain increased, and after a year of constant pain she started dropping stuff that was in that hand. Thousands of $ later, and more doctor visits than I could count, and there was no diagnosis. As is typical of the medical “profession”, if they can’t find an origin of the pain, you’ve got to be mentally ill. They wanted me to take her to a psychologist for intensive psychotherapy and physical therapy and spend many more 1000’s of $. We said no.

Then she went to Japan and while she was there, she had a chiropractor look at her arm. Turns out it was actually slightly out of joint. He adjusted it a few times and she’s back to normal. And whatdaya know? She’s not mentally ill after all! Amazing.

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@JLeslie I was using my thumb and slightly twisting my wrist everytime

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Thumb numbness is a classic sign of carpal tunnel. Rest your wrist. Don’t use that hand much at all for a few days if you can. No twisting, no carrying anything heavy. You might be very susceptible to carpal tunnel and need to not overtax that part of your body. I went to school with a girl in college who got carpal tunnel so severe from making subs at Subway she had to have surgery. Then there are people who work at Subway 10 years and never have a problem. Now you know to be more careful.

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