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Do you lose your contacts music and photos when you change SD cards?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) August 11th, 2014

I brought a new sd card for more storage space but I’m scared to switch it because I don’t want to lose my contacts,photos and music.
Is their a way to save everything and switch it to the new card?

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Is this for a phone? Is it a microSD or full size? Usually, you can connect the phone to your computer. If not, you need an SD card reader.

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It depends…. your phone likely has internal (not removeable) memory. Contacts are usually stored there. Music generally can be too unless you designated that it goes on the sd card. You can simply put in the new sd card and see what is lost. Then you can put the old one back in and use your phone as a drive to pull the data you need off to a computer. Then you can simply dump the data to your new card.

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contacts: no. If it has an sd card, it’s an Android phone. Unless you’re not fully utilizing the phone, your contacts are Google/gmail contacts and are not stored on your phone. Go to gmail and view your contacts there.

music: It depends. I stored my music on sd cards. But you can also store it on your local storage, as @ARE_you_kidding_me mentions.

photos: [same as above]

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@hominid My ancient feature phone has an SD card, and it couldn’t run Android unless its processing power were octupled and RAM increased by a factor of 100. Also some Blackberry models have SD cards IIRC.

If it is an Android phone, you can transfer any of the data on the phone to the SD card or to a computer. It can be complicated to do so.

Regardless of what type of phone it is, you can just try the experiment. Put in the new SD card, then check the phone for missing data. If anything is gone, just put the old SD card back in. Then you can worry about how to transfer the data from the old to the new card.

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@rexacoracofalipitorius – I stand corrected. Forgot about feature phones. It would be nice if OP didn’t ask a technical question and leave out the critical information. “What type of ram does my computer have?”.

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Feature phones?

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@SecondHandStoke Feature phones were what people used before smartphones. By todays standards they are pretty limited but at the time they were great. They usually had a camera (very basic low res 1.3mp), could send picture texts, some could play mp3’s, they often had (very limited) access to email and the internet usually using WAP.

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My phone can put all those things on a “Cloud”. I had trouble after recently buying a new phone and it had to be “reset to factory”. Everything on the phone was wiped clean. Not a problem, all the things on the phone were also on the “Cloud”.

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@Lightlyseared Thanks. I have never heard that term used,

Before the iPhone dream became a reality I had Samsung’s SGH-a717

It was so nicely flat and thin with what then seemed like an enormous screen. It was Samsung’s understated answer to Motorola’s self conscious RAZAR.

I got the USB cable, the double earbud/handsfree.

I also installed Opera’s browser that allowed for horizontal viewing and cursor control.

Music downloads required a micro SD card.

Contacts could be stored on it, the phone or both.

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