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How can I handle customer complaints?

Asked by Micheal14 (4points) August 11th, 2014

I started a new firm and wanted it to be customer friendly what are the tricks and tips that will help me to make my customers happy and satisfied.

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Develop a script for anyone who talks to the customers. Emphasize remaining courteous at all times. The cost of satisfying a customer is negligible, but the cost of losing one and regaining another is much higher.

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Having worked in the hotel industry for 30 years and working closely with our call center, here is what I can share:
* Create a vision, mission, goals, strategy and tasks. Share it with the staff. Communicate the current standing on a frequent basis. This will give each employee a map of the bigger picture and what is expected of them in order to contribute to obtaining this vision.
* Hire the right people for the job. They need to have a degree of empathy and be problem-solvers.
* Make sure that they have the training, tools, and equipment to do their job to the best of their ability.
* Recognize employees for a job well done in a sincere, timely and specific wording and attitude.
* Adopt the Fish! philosophy.

If you do all of the above, then you will create an environment that is equipped to keep most of the customers happy.

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