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How to make your complaints audible to higher authorities?

Asked by Micheal14 (4points) August 11th, 2014

Last day i had online shopping when i got the product it was defected when i complained against it the company didn’t respond how can i bring my complaints in front of higher authorities?

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Find out the President or CEO’s name (call and ask) and direct a written letter to that person detailing your complaint. Send a copy to the Consumer Division of your state’s attorney’s general office, and to the Better Business Bureau.

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What @marinelife said. I do that often and it gets results. I don’t cc the Consumer Division of the Attorney’s General office, but I find just notifying the CEO or President works well enough. I will start by praising the store or service and talking about how long I have gone there and why I like them, and then I will write specifics in the next paragraph, detailing what happened, names of those involved and dates. The more detail you put, the better the result may be.

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I usually start by emailing and calling customer service, and if the company is a reputable one, that’s usually enough to solve the problem. If not, I go @marinelife‘s route.

Note: If Amazon has the produce I want, I always try to order it from them rather than the product manufacturer’s website. I like Amazon’s liberal return policy and process.

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See if the company has a facebook page. Sometimes if you leave negative feedback they may respond quicker to you, as some companies do not like negative attention.

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Don’t deal with FB or customer service. Go right to the top to get the best results. You can threaten to put it out on “Social Media” but to get the actual result, start with the top.

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