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Anyone have any experience with Hip Misalignment?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15623points) August 11th, 2014

I’ve noticed (since getting a full-length mirror for my workout room) that, when coming up from a back squat, my hips kick to right slightly. I made it a point to not do it, but it’s involuntary. This occurs even with bodyweight squats, but is more pronounced with weighted squats. I’ve tried different stances, and it keeps happening. There’s no pain associated with it, but the asymmetry is just bad form.

That same hip also pops when I lift my right leg and lower it back down, but the left hip doesn’t do the same. I’ve always had that problem. I was watching a YouTube video where a guy said he had one hip higher than the other and was working with a physical therapist because standing exercises like squats were more difficult for him regarding maintaining proper form, but he didn’t explain what issues he was having.

Last night, my husband had me stand on my right leg while he measured from foot to the crest of my hip, then measured the other one the same way. He said it looked like my right hip was 1 inch higher (Lower? I’d have to ask him) than my left. He’s no doctor and I’m not sure if what he found means anything at all, but I’m wondering if anyone has misaligned hips and what type of problems it has caused, especially if you work out.

I plan to make an appointment with my GP soon and hopefully get referred to either a physical therapist or chiropractor, but I’m going to do some self-correction in the meantime, as I found some stretches/moves that are supposed to help with misaligned hips. Like I said, there’s no pain, I just don’t know what negative effects this could have down the road in regard to my lifts, musculature balance, musculoskeletal issues, chronic pain, etc.

I also asked this on a fitness forum, so I’m getting very specific answers there. I’m guessing I’ll get more answers not related to lifting here, which is why I’m double-posting. Thoughts? Experience?

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