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Is there such a thing as a Toslink splitter?

Asked by JoshLowensohn (44points) July 8th, 2008 from iPhone

Bought a cheap reciever a few years back and it doesn’t have more than 2 optical audio inputs. Looking to add one more. Is there a spliter out there, or do I have to pony up and buy a new reciever?

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By the way, the reviews are incredibly mixed. It looks like it might work or it might not. But for $5 or whatever, you can’t really go wrong. Good luck!

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Nice! Picking it up from Monoprice since the shipping is only $1.97—as are the 6’ cables :)

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I have this. It works but its finicky. I used this to split my recievers optical input as well. One side was going into my xbox 360 and the other, going into my dtv cable box.
The problem I had was, unless I unplugged the dtv optical cable when using the 360, I’d get no sound at all. Apparently, even though the cable box was “turned off” it was still spitting out a signal, and thus, conflicting. Unpluging the dtv cable before 360 use fixed the problem. If watching cable was my intention leaving the 360 plugged in made no difference (as long as IT was turned off). So, it works, sorta. It suited my purposes well enough. So long as I didn’t have to climb behind the entertainment center, I was happy (I left the splitter right next to my recievers power button). Good luck with it.

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