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Yes, just saw it. Sad, I loved many of his characters. Report said he had severe depression.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I loved him as Genie in Aladdin.

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Apparently. Mrs. Doubtfire was my favorite.

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Yes, he’d been severely depressed lately.

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He was so talented. I got to meet him years ago, after a pixar screening. He was standing by the video games, giving his kids quarters. Just another dad…

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Yes. I just heard. What a waste.
It reminds me of Richard Cory.

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The last article I read didn’t reveal his death; it said their family was wanted privacy at the moment. But either way it’s too bad he’s gone.

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Alleged asphyxiation.

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^^I meant the suicide part, which is the original question.

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I heard that on the news earlier this morning, how sad. I just pulled Dead Poets Society off the shelf and plan to reacquaint myself with it this afternoon, haven’t watched it for a few years.

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Oh nooooo!

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Very very sad.

I always felt like he was a tortured soul, and always thought he must do drugs.

Asphyxiation. I read the same thing. What did he do? Tie a back around his head? What does that cause of death actually cover? Hanging oneself? Gas? I don’t mean to be morbid or not show respect, but I was curious when I read it.

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That’s awful. I loved his work so much. Much of his stand up and many of his movies. From Mork and Mindy as a kid to Dead Poets Society to Good Morning Vietnam to (my favorite) Good Will Hunting.

Ver sad.


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Sad but true yes, I’m still in a state of disbelief. He still had so much more to offer.

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Fuck. RIP Robin.

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What an amazing talent was Robin Williams, what an amazing body of work. I am sad beyond words for his untimely loss. I can only hope that Robin and his mentor, Jonathan Winters, another great comedic talent recently lost, are somewhere together, riffing and laughing their heads off.

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@LuckyGuy I’ve never understood what “what a waste” means or why people say it. Are you saying that his life and career was a waste?

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@rockfan A waste that he cuts his life short. He could have had many more years to experience life.

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That sucks, thought he used to be a great actor. I wonder if it was intentional or accidental, I know he used to have a major drug problem.

….on the upside, at least we won’t be seeing the rumored Mrs. Doubtfire 2 now…

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Well…I adored him and his his work but…I also believe if someone wants to end their suffering, for whatever reason, it is their choice. He has had heart trouble, addiction trouble and obviously recent rehab again, poor guy, but, his choice.
I really don’t feel suicide is tragic, it is a personal choice. It’s tragic when a 16 yr. old kills themselves but at age 63, well…he’s already lived his life and obviously felt he would rather exit than suffer anymore.

It’s okay to be done, just sad and shocking for the surviving family members.

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A newscaster just closed the story by saying “Oh Captain! My Captain!” Just nailed me.

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I love the scene in Good Will Hunting when Will’s been flip with Robin Williams character one too many times. Grabbing him by the throat, “You will not disrespect my wife, or I will end you” (paraphrase)

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You guys are forgetting one of his most brilliant roles too, in The Birdcage. Love that film

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@rockfan No. “What a waste” does not mean his life and career was a waste. It is a compliment. It means there was so much more he could do and so much more good he could do for the world – but now it’s over. All that potential – gone.

On the other hand if someone says it about someone alive like a Kardashian that has a totally different meaning.

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Tears of a clown. RIP Robin.

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He suffered with mental illness his whole life. So sad, but I understand. He will be missed.

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His smile, humor and personality will never be forgotten, such a shame, another one gone way too soon. Sometimes the ones who we can count on for a good laugh or even a smile, spend time battling demons we cant even imagine. R.I.P Robin Williams.

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In my opinion, there was always an element of desperation in his comedy. Back to Mork and Mindy. I think the frequent changes in topic/persona were an effort to please everyone. He seemed more at peace in later years.

To his life, I can only say, “Bravo! Peace be with you, Robin.”

Sad we lost you, glad you have peace.

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Apparently so, RIP Mork :(

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@ibstubro Mmm…thing is he is an ENTP personality, me too, and our types are known to be very quick witted, great at improv. rather Nihilistic and are highly represented in comedy and entertainment. Very bright people that need a lot of stimulation or they start plucking themselves like parrots in a closet. haha
We are also prone to hedonistic tendencies for better or worse. Big personalities have big appetites and whether happy or sad those appetites rarely wean.

I have joked for years that I need to be half dead to go off my feed. lol
Bottom line, the fine line between genius and madness that often plagues the brightest stars in this galaxy. ENTPs are naturally known to be very humorous and this trait surpasses depression and is a natural part of this types personality structure so I think it is unfair to single out a bit of sardonic humor in these temperaments. It is simply the offbeat way we see the world, George Carlin was another ENTP.

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The news is saying that he hung himself…. It could be autoerotic asphyxiation

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I think he just killed himself, I don’t think it was some sort of sex thing. When I would see him in interviews it seemed like his mind was a mile a minute. It was hard for me to watch, I can’t imagine living in that state.

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He was found fully clothed, sitting in a chair, with a belt around his neck, according to the news.

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