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When a woman "twerks" it's (A)_________; but when a man "twerks" it's (B)____________.

Asked by Strauss (20324points) August 11th, 2014

Fill in the blanks for (A) and (B). Explanations optional.

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(A) retarded.
(B) retarded.

That was easy.

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(A) Sexy
(B) Super sexy

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A. Unattractive.
B. Equally unattractive.

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A. Interesting
B. Uninteresting.

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A. Trashy.
B. Crime against Humanity.

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A. Stupid.
B. Depends on the dude…could be stupid, could be funny.

It’s never sexy, regardless of gender.

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(A) Like watching a dog shaking off a sticky stool
(B) See above

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a – gross
b – disgusting

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A. Dumb
B. Dumber

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a. a ridiculous passing fad that needs no further media attention
b. the same

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A) a fart
B) a shart

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A) Embarrassing. Ridiculous. Demeaning. Unattractive.
B) Embarrassing. Ridiculous. Demeaning. Unattractive

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A) Weird
B) Weirder

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A) Shakin’ that grooved thang.
B) Doing the “bump.”

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A) Stupid
B) Goddamned stupid

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(A) Vomiting
(B) Ultra vomiting.

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A: Sad
B: A plea for help from the Psyche.

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A. Thundering and unattractive.
B. Run for cover I think I sense and explosive fart coming on.

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A) Unhealthy for the lumbar. But interesting.
B) Very unhealthy for the lumbar. And not even nearly as interesting.

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Wow. They took all my answers!

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A. We call it “wining” (perhaps a form of “winding”?) and it is practically necessary at all parties, especially at Carnival. It is a group thing.
B, Ditto.
In public parties, as for example in the annual Licencing fete (held in Port of Spain at Carnival), it is dangerous to “wine” on somebody else’s woman. Most of us find twerking silly. It has no point.

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