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What would you recommend for a medium-sized salad spinner?

Asked by gailcalled (54456points) August 12th, 2014

My old war horse broke after 20 years and the news ones I read about seem to have problems. Do you have one you like? Nothing fancy. Lettuce for 6 that you can dry easily is my only criterion. Shopping for this stuff used to be easier…fewer choices and higher quality.

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ATK (Americas Test Kitchen) recommends the one made by Oxo for several reasons.

The best feature is that it can be stopped and started by pushing in the large knob on top (rather than the windup type similar to starting an outboard motor).

They always do extensive testing with numerous models on all the products they

ATK is like the Consumer Reports of the culinary world. In addition to their regular show on PBS, they publish Cooks Illustrated magazine and have for years.

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@Buttonstc: Have you tried it? This does seem to be the front runner; my daughter, who has a subscription to their magazine, just sent me the reviews in detail.

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We have had this for about a year and it works great. They offer a smaller one as well. It seems to work fine. We hand wash and dry by leaving it out overnight. Seems to dry fine.

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Yes, a friend of mine (who eats far more salad than I) has one and loves it. I’ve used hers numerous times.
There are a couple of good
videos on YouTube. The one
by Mobility Choices is good.

TRIVIA TIDBIT: The design for this was inspired by a child’s toy: the spinning top :)

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I am willing to bet the local Goodwill in your area has one that is the same model as the one you have been using. I would look there first for a replacement for your old war horse.
If you can’t find one there, then start your search for the perfect spinner.

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I have an OXO, love it,much easier to use and stop than the crank ones.

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Everyone agrees, which is astonishing. The Oxo is it. It is also sold in the little kitchen store three miles from here, another miracle.

Thanks, all.

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Get a large one.

I use mine to pre dry single articles of clothing.

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^^ Really. LIke what? And what is the advantage of pre-drying over just plain drying?

Would not spinning a pair of panties just give you damp panties? Not something I would choose to put on, unless it were 92˚ out and all my other underwear was dirty.

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I don’t subject shirts or jeans to intense heat as it shrinks and stiffens the fabric. I use a machine dryer for very few items.

When I can’t use a washer’s spin cycle repeatedly I squeeze, then salad spin, then hang or lay flat dry.

I want my clothes to take care of me, so I take care of them.

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I have a Tupperware and if I were going to buy a new one I would buy the OXO this time. I have never used it, but the ease of just pushing down really appeals to me. The Tupperware one overall works well, but the turning motion you need to do (like a crank) can be difficult to turn at first.

I would get one large enough for a full head of lettuce minus your first portion. I don’t clean my lettuce until I am ready to eat the first portion from the lettuce. Some heads of lettuce barely fit in the spinner. I do a first batch, transfer it to my bowl for my salad, and then clean the rest of the lettuce and store it right in the spinner in the fridge.

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I have a smaller Oxo than what you are looking for and it works wonderfully.

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^^: Approximately how much lettuce can you put in the bowl? Salad for 2?

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I can get enough for two side/dinner salads or one large salad.

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I have the OXO. I purchased it used from a Goodwill store for a few bucks years ago (maybe 8 years ago?).

If I buy a big head or two of lettuce from the farmers market, I need to wash and spin dry in batches. It is plenty big to prepare a family salad for the dinner table.

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I just bought the large OXO and will take it for a test drive after I pick of some lettuce. It looks pretty straight-forward and is prettier, with its clear double baskets, than my last opaque white one. I barely notice it, sitting on top of the fridge, due to its transparency. ($30.00 plus tax but should last for a long time).

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edit. ”...up some lettuce” and not ”...of…” Auto-correct sneaks in while I am blinking, apparently.

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This Flutherite, who is degreed in industrial design despises OXO products.

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(To degree is not and has never been a verb.)

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OXO is one of the things I despise…

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^^ All 500 plus of their products? What’s to despise about a potato peeler that works or my miraculous jar and lid opener?

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Thanks for the thread, @gailcalled, mine (almost 30 years old!) has become just warped enough to be a full-on work out to use. I may check that out.

@SecondHandStoke: I have used a number of OXO products for years and have never had any kind of a problem with them. With all due respect to your industrial design degree, OXO was originally recommended to me by an engineer who worked for an independent consumer testing organization.

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