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Who is making all the weapons used in disputes from neighbouring countries?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) August 12th, 2014

In the middle east who is making all of those rockets being launched to civilians? Who is arming Isis? ect.. I think most of the weapons are imported from U.S.A. and Russia, maybe China. Which idiot thought it was o.k. to sell weapons to criminal states without checking to see if they would be using them responsibly?

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Many are locally produced. Israel, for example, manufactures a lot of its own stuff locally, and of course gets some from the US and Britain and France and Germany.

Palestinians get most of theirs from Iran in some way or another. Iran makes some of their own, but also buys from N Korea and Russia (and Germany).

Don’t underestimate Russian cleverness in arms distibution either.

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Many are arms provided, well-meaningly, to favored governments or factions that were subsequently captured by the other side.

I guess China is the wild card, so I would look there…er…second…after the US.

Remember your question is about making weapons.

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Worlds largest arms exporters

And from the International Business Times came this quote “The U.S, which accounted for 45 per cent of arms deliveries to Gulf States, has signed a series of major deals which will maintain its high levels of arms exports to these countries. In 2013, for the first time, the U.S. allowed the sale of long-range air launched cruise missiles to Gulf States,” Wezeman said.

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I saw a documentary on distribution and manufatcure of weapons that are resold to other countries…and the documentary stated that “outdated or old weaponery” was distributed ( by U.S.) since newest weapons were kept for the original country that produces them. That ensures that they have the best weapons.
Sad as it places weapons into Countires hands that encourage combat as a means of solving world problems?
If there were no weapons then we as a civilized people would find peacefull means of negotiation.

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@Inspired_2write We don’t do that in the US. We sell all our old military equipment (and a large portion of the “unused” leftover new stuff to the cops. Which begs the question, why is there unused military equipment in the first place? That shit costs bunches, if you ain’t gonna use it, don’t order it. Time we quit paying for waste.

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@rojo Because arms manufacture is a stimulus program, the only kind of stimulus that Republicans like. They fight for it for the sake of their own states’ economies. It doesn’t matter that the weapons are unnecessary, or outdated, or will inevitably end up in the wrong hands.

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