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Will you join me in bidding farewell to movie legend Lauren Bacall?

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Certainly. She was a classic.

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Two to go plz.

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She’s now sailing away to Key Largo. R.I.P

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Jeez, they’re dropping like flies all of a sudden. :-(
Maybe she and Robin Williams are having a few laughs in the great beyond.

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So long.…..RIP

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Lauren Bacall was one of the classiest actresses to grace the American screen.

There was an interview with her from the 70’s on NPR today, and she said “I wanted to be a star so badly that I would do almost anything. And I did do almost anything.
Humor and class, her trademarks (after looks mind you. :-))

I was born past her heyday, but she captured my heart all the same.


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My friend summed this week up as “horrible” after hearing about Robin Williams and then Lauren Bacall.

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