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Is it true that funny people are depressed ones?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14660points) August 12th, 2014

Some time ago I found this article, which claimed that funny people are often depressed ones. And now with the recent death of Robbin Williams, I did some research on him and came across this.

Just a little curious, from your experience, is it true that funny people are depressed one? Have you ever met anyone like that?

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I believe that to be true, Ive always felt that sadness/depression can be like a shield to hide the World from the pain that they feel within, but that’s only scratching the surface. People who just have that natural ability to entertain, and be the life of the party are the ones who really leave us wondering and disbelief when things of this nature happens.

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My brother is the funniest person I know, and he isn’t very happy.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s a rule, but it does happen. We do what we can, to get by, and laughing certainly helps.

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So when we hear the Name Robin Williams, and many others who were just like him, we naturally smile.

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No. Humor can be a coping mechanism for some, but many people are just naturally funny and have gregarious personalities. I’m one of them and have always been very well adjusted and emotionally stable. ( This has been a challenging year and my humor has suffered because of it, but it is far from gone. )

A good of humor and the ability to make humorous connections and observations is also a trait of giftedness.
Claiming all funny people are masking depression is the same as saying all quiet people are closet serial killers. haha

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It is often true, and often linked to their substance abuse. Depressed people often self medicate to avoid the difficulty they are having. Sam Kinison was another who had an underlying depression, but masked much of it with heavy use of drugs and alcohol.

BUt as @Coloma points out, it is not a blanket statement.

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Yeah. I know a lot of anti-social, serious, awkward and shy people who are extremely happy.~

No. Depressed people come in all shapes and sizes.

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Humor is often about seeing ironic connections in everyday life that others may miss.

I could see how this type of hypersensitivity or hyper awareness might be related to someone’s depression.

Venn Diagram-wise, there’s probably overlap. But not entirely inclusive.

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I believe it to be true.

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NO. Because you are a comedian that doesn’t mean you can’t have problems in your personal life. Being a comedian was just his profession.

Celebrities are just like all of us at the end of the day. Anyone can be depressed. Everyone gets depressed. It is how you deal with it is the issue. What we have to ask our selves is why most of these celebrities are turning to suicide to solve their problems. I think it is ridiculous . Somebody needs to go into hollywood and give these people some kind of pyschological therapy. There is just something not right about the way they perceive life and that industry in general.

I think fame and money can be very addictive once you achieve it and after a while these celebrities live for that , so that when it doesn’t work out they become completely devastated and feel completely hopeless .

Television constantly tells us that celebrities are living the ultimate life. So if they also believe this and then they realise it is not all it cracked up to be and they don’t have any religious values what do they do??

I mean let us look at his life. He was divorced twice and was bankrupt and also had this image to live up to and wasn’t particularly religious either. I meet everyday people with these issues and they have a very hard time with it. Imagine having these problems and at the same time having to socialise in circles where people judge you based on how much money your have and your celebrity status.

We need to stop putting celebrities up on a pedestal. They are just like the rest of us. WE all want to have a happy life. Unfortunately being a celebrity is a very difficult way to go about it.

I would not recommend going into Hollywood without a strong family network to support you and without having a strong sense of self and some religious values. It is not as glamorous as it seems. It is very cut throat and you meet alot of nasty back stabbing people. Also alot of times it is like prostitution. You are expected to compromise your values to make money or you get dropped from jobs. Unfortunately alot of people give in to this and well in the long run they end up suffering psychological pain and the people that got them into this situation are no where to be found to help them. They made money off of them and ran.

I mean how is it possible for him to have made over 70 million dollars in his life and then go bankrupt. I just never understand this. It is ridiculous. Most of us don’t even make 1/10th of that and we seem to make it through life without committing suicide.

There is just something wrong with that whole industry. I have lost count of the number of celebrities that have committed suicide in the last 5 years. I think it is so common now that people just ignore it. But it is not normal!! .There is something really really wrong going on in hollywood and the entertainment industry and someone needs to intervene.

I mean let us just look at the list: Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston, Peaches Geldof ( in England), Heath Ledger, Amy Whinehouse and many more. All these people died of drug overdoses. It is ridiculous. They need to have some kind of substance abuse police in Hollywood and some kind of department that focuses on the psychological well being of celebrities.

Unfortunately there are alot of people that are willing to do anything nowadays to be famous . However in the long run it doesn’t pay off because they are not being true to themselves and I believe that is why they turn to drugs and suicide . It is because they are living a double life. It is like they allow themselves to be possessed by someone else in order to be famous.

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