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Can you sell a car if the registration is suspended?

Asked by AshlynM (9348points) August 13th, 2014


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As far as I know, it’s the title which is the most necessary. The registration is necessary to drive the car so just make sure to not allow the person to test drive it on public roads (or don’t get caught doing so:)

The registration is tied to you and your license plate number
and that’s not going with the car. The new owner will register it in their own name along with whatever insurance proof is required.

Whenever I’ve bought or sold a car, the registration never figured into the transaction. If you can’t find the title, that will be the big problem.

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@Buttonstc is right. The title is key to selling a car, not the registration. It can be suspended/nonexistent, doesn’t matter.

I don’t know about your state but in my state, you can’t transfer a title over to someone if there is a lien on your car. Basically, if you’re using it as collateral or are still paying it off, there’s a lien on it. You have to contact the person/company holding the lien and work with them in getting the lien off. Sometimes you may have finished paying off a car but a lien still exists because it didn’t drop off automatically. A quick call to the company that has the lien will fix that though. Best to check ahead of time.

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All you need is the title. Most states began issuing them in the early 70’s, e.g. New York started in 1973. If the car is pre-title age, you can transfer it with just a registration – expired or not.

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You could have the car in your yard for years and someone will come along, want it and with just the paperwork from DMV, it’s theirs.

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I suppose you could sell it as scrape or for parts. The registration is only really required if you’re going to drive it.

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