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Why do rabbits love apples so much?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) August 13th, 2014

Figure that one out. My s/o has been putting out an apple every so often for the rabbits that hang out around us. They love them. But rabbits don’t normally climb trees, so where did that come from? I also built a bunch of brush piles for them, which is why we have so many around. They don’t bother anything else. Just some simple midweek musings.

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We have sheep in the field next to us and they love the apples that we chuck over the fence for them. Both would have access to apples that have fallen from the tree naturally

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I know livestock especially ruminants love apples. The friggin cows used to get hammered on apples. And grouse like them, with the same results. But rabbits?

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Why not? Why wouldn’t they just eat anything that was edible and accessible?

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I think they like the crunch and the sweetness. Not too dissimilar from carrots. Our bunny loved them too.

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I used to have two rabbits, and I can feed them on any fruit and vegetables. I guess apples are just another kind of food they can eat.

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But rabbits don’t normally climb trees, so where did that come from?

It doesn’t necessarily have to “come from” anywhere; it might just be that they discovered that they like apples. But (insects aside) most apples will be eaten by animals after they’ve fallen off the tree. There’s no expectation that rabbits would need to climb.

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How do you know that they really do? Can you hold a conversation with one to be sure?

My guess is that they eat them because they are abundant and easy to find. They eat them because of convenience, not because of love.

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@elbanditoroso Thank you, I happen to speak a very fine version of rabbit.

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Silly wabbit.

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