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Are you certain about anything?

Asked by hominid (7337points) August 13th, 2014

How often are you 100% certain about something? What is it that you are certain about, and why are you certain?

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I’m certain I don’t know everything about anything.

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What @Adirondackwannabe said. I’m certain about death and taxes. Both are inevitable.

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I’m certain that I’m not perfect.

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Lots. More than I should, no doubt.

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Less than ever. I’ve too often had the rug of certainty pulled out from under me.

My working hypothesis now is that certainty is a sure sign that I haven’t examined the matter closely enough.

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I am certain only that my time on this Earth is limited.

And for that knowledge, I am thankful.

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There is no 100% certainty in this world. You only have a probability.

So lets put it this way, if you were uncertain about something, then you would be dysfunctional because you wouldn’t be able to put weight on a choice that needs to be made (unless that choice doesn’t need to be made in which case you’d be a mute), so by default, any action you take is the result of more certainty than uncertainty and if, in fact, you do make a choice based on uncertainty, then you’re gambling with your life (as applicable). 50/50 it will be a positive outcome or negative one, or more or less positive/negative.

If you’re, for example, uncertain during a battle at war, you’re much more likely to be killed than someone who does not hesitate.

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I’m certain that there are some people on Fluther that are totally crazy or total frauds.

I’m certain that as I age, time goes faster. It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and it feels like it just started two weeks ago.

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Are you certain about anything?

Death and Taxes

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When I was in my early twenties not only did I know everything I knew that what I knew was right. but the older I get the less certain I am about things.

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Maybe, maybe not…

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Death and taxes and Atheism are my certainties.

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The sun will rise tomorrow. If it doesn’t, there’s no tomorrow.

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I’m certain that my kids love me and that all love is conditional to an extent.

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I’m completely certain that there is far too much sex and violence in movies and on TV.

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Am I certain about anything?

Very few things.

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I am certain that when a turtle’s head begins peeking from my anus it’s time for Mr Bottom to visit Porcelain City.

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I was gonna say, if I do not perish any time soon, then I shall poop again.

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Okay, so far, we’ve got death, taxes, and poop. Those aren’t real highlights. Fortunately we have some love thrown in.

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Eh, if things happened in the past, be it shit, death or hatred, you can be certain they’ll happen again, even if not to you.
At least untill mankind ceases to be, and even then death will be a part of that element.

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@Symbeline Sadly hatred is a part of this world. I was reading about some of the genocide in the past. It sucks. And then when they get tired of it in one area, or run out of victims, they take the show out on the road and do it all over again somewhere else.

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Hatred and violence seems to be a part of our nature. Not just now, but any past histories always involve people conquering others and holy wars and crap. Hell one theory as to what happened to neanderthals is us killing them, and we didn’t even know what words were back then.

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You’re not cheering me up, suzy ray of sunshine. :)

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It’s raining outside today. I know it will stop, even if I should die before it does. :)

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Okay there’s that. Here in Upstate NY we say don’t like the weather wait a few minutes. We’ve got sunny and nice now, I should be happy for that.

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@Adirondackwannabe You know, we have the same saying down here in Texas and I have seen others profess the same thing. Is there anywhere where that saying is not used?

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I would bet it’s not common in the desert areas, or the Poles, but not much else.

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“If you don’t like the snow here…. just wait a few minutes and a new layer will be along.”


“If you don’t like the sand here…. DIE! INFIDEL!!”

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Thanks everyone.

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I’m certain that I am me. I think…..

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I’m certain that my cat is out of his mind as he follows an unseeable phantom around the landing of the staircase.

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Do you Really want to know that?

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To give someone life is to give someone death.

This thought came to me as I watched my newborn daughter sleeping. She is alive. That means that one day she will die. She will cease to exist. Up until that point, I had never been afraid of death.

I cried for hours. My husband came home and thought I had postpartum depression. I don’t think that I did. I had never been happier. But in your lightest moments, you realize there is always dark to make this moment bright.

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@fluthernutter Life is a crapshoot. Yes, bringing a new life in means death will come eventually. It’s the circle of life. If you want you could live in a vacuum and never experience pain. But you’ll never experience love, laughter, joy, and happiness. What’d you want?

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OK, I will go for an easy one that can be understood by all; I have a penis, I am sure of that.

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Does @ragingloli??

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He either has no penis, or he has more than one.

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As well as she likes men she probably has a collection of them in jars.

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Yes! I’m certain that, well, pretty certain, because, well, you know, it seems… wait. What was the question? Gee willikers! now I have to scrollllll back up again.

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Oh, right. No.

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