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Is my kindle beyond repair?

Asked by Mariah (24429points) August 13th, 2014

When I turned my kindle on this morning it did this:

When I shut it down, the lower right part of the screen that has the text and gradient turn off, but the rest stays like it is in the image. I can still turn pages and stuff and see the text change in that itty bitty part that has text, but the rest is pretty much borked.

It’s been in my backpack for awhile but I don’t think it’s really suffered any major abuse in there. I’m perplexed why this happened.

Is there anything I can try? Ever had this problem before?

I guess I’ll call Amazon but it’s out of warranty and everything so I doubt there’s anything they’ll do for me.

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There’s on on today only for $55.

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Don’t give up yet.
Try a hard reset. Press and hold the power button for a full minute. (I have seen 30seconds suggested too.) Then turn it back on.

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Like @LuckyGuy said, yry a hard reset. If that fails contact Amazon anyway and see what can be done. Hell, you might just be able to get a new one anyway (as Amazon doesn’t sell Kindles to make money from the devices themselves, but rather from selling content for the device).

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My second paragraph describes what happens when I hard reset, unfortunately….

I suppose I’ll give them a call.

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That happened to my sister’s Kindle a couple years ago. Problem – it was too close to a magnetic field (in her case, a laptop battery) for several hours. Essentially it fried the pixels on your screen.

It is theoretically possible for the screen to recover (degausser), but in reality, you are cooked.

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Iiiiinteresting. Yeah I had my laptop packed away in my backpack along with my kindle this past weekend. The possibility of that being harmful never occurred to me. Lesson learned. Thank you.

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Batteries don’t generate magnetic fields, but laptops have nice corners that can press into another object and crack it. The pic looks like a cracked screen.

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I know it looks that way but there are no visible/feel-able cracks through the screen…Also my laptop was in a separate compartment of my backpack.

My laptop does have little magnets in the corners that are part of what holds it shut.

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Sorry to say, the last time I saw that kind of thing is was caused by irreparably cracked display. The top surface might not appear cracked but the display might have been flexed too hard at the center of where all the wedges come together. It could have been the corner of a book or some other hard thing pressed into it at that point. In that case the cracks in the underlying layer broke signal connections and make whole sections suffer the same symptom in bands.

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