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What is the name of the following song?

Asked by flo (12725points) August 13th, 2014

It is either the chorus or the last 20 or so words.
I just heard one word, (I’m guessing spelling.):

Oloowayé, Oloowayéhé
Oloowayé, Oloowayéhé (20 or so times)
It could be from Senegal, or similar.

The radio station doesn’t have the thing to find out.
I googled it, nothing.

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Is it The Lion Sleeps Tonight?


Wikipedia – The history is really interesting, I had no idea!

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@jaytkay, I wondered if that was the song also because some friends and I performed it for a party.

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Not much to go on.

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight came to me too.

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@jaytkay it is not the Lion King (that is such a well known song) This is not at all one of those songs that people all over the world know. I can’t believe they don’t just ID one thing about the song.

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I’m curious…what prompted this search?

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@Dutchess_III How wonderful the song is prompted the search.
I meant “I can’t believe they don’t just ID one thing about the songs
How am I supposed to get the song now?

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So is this a modern song? What’s the song about? And who is “they” who you wish would ID something about the song?

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@Dutchess_III I don’t know whether it can classified as modern or not. I don’t know what the song is about. I don’t know the language, it could be French. I bumped into it closer to the end. And by “they” I mean the radio stations. They used to ID each song: That was…by so and so, the one before that was….by so and so…. or here is…. by so and so.

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@flo Most radio stations have logs on their sites of the music they played. If you know around what time you heard it, you may be able to find it like that.

What genre of music would you consider it?

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Can you contact the radio station and ask them?

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@El_Cadejo this radio station doesn’t have it, I hope they are planning to. And it is classified usually under World It is probably from around Zaire maybe.

@Stinley The radio station has been contacted, it may take a week or so to get an answer.

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Well, let US know!

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