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Does anyone have a video or interesting story about Robin Williams?

Asked by snowberry (21405points) August 13th, 2014

Here’s my contribution, and it’s awesome!

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Your link doesn’t work in your details , maybe you would like to give it another try?

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@SQUEEKY2 Worked for me. Copy and paste is your friend.

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I have several, some I have already shared.
My sister had a good one. A friend of hers was walking her dog in Napa, when a car approached, forcing her to walk further to the curb.
She yelled out “Who do you think you are?”
The car turned around, and a head came out of the window, yelling “Robin Williams!”
And it was!

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Here is an easier way to the above link.

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As a very young little me, growing up in small-town Wisconsin, I was obsessed with Mork from Ork. I had the suspenders and put buttons on them and wore them to school. (I think I knew I was an alien even back then.)

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Over the years I had heard and read that Robin Williams was a good cyclist. He had the top cutting edge bikes with superb engineering designed for efficiency for pure speed. He brought one of his bikes into a bike shop in San Francisco for repair one time but the expert mechanics had never seen that technology and had no idea how to fix it.

Also Robin WIlliams was a good friend of Lance Armstrong. He use to show up at Le Tour de France while Lance was winning and ride. One time Robin Williams stopped his bike to say a few works on camera. While in full cycling uniform and he exclaimed, “I ride HARD and I ride LONG, and my bike doesn’t need a kickstand!”. Maybe it was just the way that he said it that caused me to nearly split a gut laughing.

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His first wife’s name was/is Valerie, just like me. :D

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Today’s news is that he had the early stages of Parkinson’s.
His suicide is kind of a “fuck you” to Michael J. Fox, isn’t it?

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No, it’s not a fuck you to Michael J. fox, why would you say such a thing?

Do we know if the story is true. Shaking from DT’s can look like Parkinson’s. Someone might be making it up after seeing him while he was still drinking.

Even if it is true, between his depression, struggle with addictions, and now a diagnosis with a progressive disease, maybe he just couldn’t take the idea of one more thing to deal with.

One of his best friends was paralyzed from the neck down, maybe he thought he would have been better off dead? We don’t know. From what I understand he didn’t leave a note, which I find a little odd, but maybe he didn’t want it published, or maybe there was one and the family kept it.

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@filmfann If I were to kill myself after discovering I’m HIV positive, would that be a big “fuck you” to everyone that has HIV?

What an absurd thing to say.

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@filmfann: I’m not sure I would’ve phrased it that way, but I do see your point. After years of Michael J Fox publicly struggling with and fighting to end this disease, Robin Williams (a fellow actor and celebrity) is diagnosed with the same disease and, instead of “joining the fight” (as it were), throws in the towel and kills himself. I see that and also thought, “What might Michael J Fox’s reaction to that news be?”

I don’t know, but I think the defining difference might be Robin Williams depression.

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@cookieman I seriously doubt Michael J Fox would take offense. There’s no offense to be taken – it has nothing to do with him. And, if anyone knows how horrible it is to get that diagnosis, it’s him.

I’m not sure why some (not just here) are assuming that it’s the Parkinson’s that caused this. I’m quite sure the depression itself had more to do with it.

I find it so odd that people are picking his suicide apart.

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^ “I find it so odd that people are picking his suicide apart.”

So true. We just don’t know him – at all.

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Michael J. Fox has been struggling to show that Parkinsons is not a life ending, career ending disease. MJF has been trying to show that you can keep going.
In one quiet stroke, Robin just brushed that all aside, and said “No.”

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@filmfann Again, Robin Williams’ suicide has absolutely nothing to do with Michael J. Fox. And once again, none of us know that he killed himself because he had Parkinson’s. The only person that knows the real reason is now dead. His death isn’t a “fuck you” to anyone.

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The Parkinsons is not a rumor or a mistaken case of DTs as attested to by his wife. She made it clear that Robin’s sobriety was intact.

She has firsthand knowledge so I’m inclined to take her word for it.

Several medical professionals have stated a higher than average correlation between Parkinsons and depression.

Them be the facts.

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@Buttonstc I heard earlier today that his wife had confirmed the Parkinson’s diagnosis. I see no reason to doubt it knowing she was the one who stated it.

Do you know when he was diagnosed? I always had a hard time watching him in interviews, because he moved around a lot. Although, I don’t remember noticing that on his latest TV show.

@filmfann If the Parkinson’s diagnosis was the last straw for Robin Williams it has nothing to do with MJF, because each person has their own straws. Also, Robin’s diagnosis is at a completely different time in life than when MJF was diagnosed, under very different circumstances. A person diagnosed with cancer at age 35 might be willing to go through more treatment than a person who has the same cancer at age 75.

The example of MJF is not diminished. Like any progressive debilitating disease, some people live on and make the best of it, and some don’t.

Maybe if assisted suicide was available he might have hung on longer.

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Who’s doubting the diagnosis?

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@livelaughlove21 I wrote that it could just be someone who saw him shaking. Just because you know how the tabloids are, but I didn’t realize his wife had cnfirmed it.

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I don’t think his wife stated a particular date for the Parkinsons diagnosis.

However, I’m under the impression that it was fairly recent rather than years and years ago.

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My father had severe Parkinson’s but never had the hand tremors or shaking. He was not unique in not having that symptom.

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@gailcalled I don’t think anyone has mentioned what symptoms he had.

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His wife said he was in the beginning stages, so there may have been no noticeable symptoms yet.

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I thought I’d post this tribute. Only a minute long, but it did choke me up a bit. A very short and sweet tribute; worth a watch.

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