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Did you sign up for Facebook but not reveal your gender and why not?

Asked by Aster (18220points) August 14th, 2014

I checked, “female.”

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WhenI signed up I did it under my Askville Avatars name, and had no trouble but in my opinion found FB so lame and dumb I deleted my account after a few short months and never looked back and that was several years ago.
So no I did not reveal my gender, or my true name, hows that grab you?

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I didn’t know they asked for gender, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember. Everyone knows I fit the male gender anyway.

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My gender wasn’t an available option for Facebook when I created my account so I opted to hide it from my profile. I’m tremendously happy that they’ve added way more options, but since I am not out to everyone I am friends with there, I have chosen to keep my gender invisible.

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I didn’t even use my real name (so obviously not my gender).

I really don’t use it but have found no reason to delete it yet.

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