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How does my computer at work know all Chrome open tabs and bookmarks on my home computer?

Asked by LostInParadise (23636points) August 15th, 2014

When I open Google Chrome on my desktop computer at work, it looks identical to the open Chrome session on my home computer. I see the same tabs and have the same bookmark list. If I add a bookmark, it will show up at home. I find all of this very convenient. If I use Chrome on a computer anywhere else, I do not get any tabs or bookmarks, even after logging into Google.

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you’re logged into google on both machines. The other machines browser settings may be different

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Tools -> Settings -> Advanced Sync Settings is where it manages what you want to sync. When you go to settings, make sure it says that you’re signed into your account.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me – and one step further. At one point, @LostInParadise must have set the sync settings (@hominid beat me too it) to auto-synch. This wouldn’t happen automatically—@LostInParadise must have approved it at one point or another.

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Because Google knows everything you do.

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It’s because Google chrome synchronizes all the browser info across each instance of the chrome browser that you log into. You can change what it syncs. I only sync my bookmarks and extensions.

Firefox has the same feature. I love it. You don’t have to worry about losing settings, bookmarks or add-ons if you ever need to reinstall.

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I just logged in from another location. This time I was prompted for synchronization. I never had that happen before. I got my bookmarks.

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Be careful. If you have saved passwords you now have given that info to the IT people at work.

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@LuckyGuy very true! I know for a fact that any password that is entered at work can be used and investigated especially if you “gave consent” by using the work computers. Many companies really want your Facebook passwords and will allow access on the work machines just to get them.

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@LostInParadise Change your passwords and only access your stuff through your non-company supplied phone.
Unless you don’t mind them seeing what you do.

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Are you saying that the company knows the password to my Chrome account? That is a bit scary. What if I log out each time?

What about if I use Chrome on a computer in the town’s public library and make sure to log out each time? I recently logged in at the library and was automatically taken to the account of someone who had forgotten to log out. I had to first log out of that person’s account.

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If you’ve logged in to anything from your work computer your company now has that info. Using a library computer is probably fine since, while that info could be retrieved by the library they likely don’t have the inclination (or the IT staff) to do so. Your workplace, however, wants that information and has resources dedicated to it.

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