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I just got my ear pierced... Was it cartilage?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) August 15th, 2014

I got my third piercing on my ear today. I asked the guy not to pierce my cartilage multiple times. However it seems like he did it anyway.

I found this image online, and it is similar to mine. The third piercing from the bottom. Is that cartilage or lobe?

Another thing, the side of my ear appears tilted outwards like in this picture:

It was smooth and very straight before. I’m very upset about that. Will it get back to its natural shape?

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Its hard to know just looking at the photo if its going through cartilage or not because everyone is different, however you can pierce the lobe pretty high up in some people without hitting cartilage. Feeling my ear I could probably get a piercing just about level with my targus that only went through lobe.

I seem to have made my ear very red with all the poking to decide that :)

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@Lightlyseared is right. Doesn’t look like it to me if it were on my ear, but why don’t you remove the earring and feel the hole? If you can feel cartilage all around the hole, it was pierced.

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It doesn’t look like cartilage. And if you told the artist multiple times, I’m pretty sure he heard you. Unless he’s deaf?

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Doesn’t look like cartilage to me either.

Out of curiosity though, why so against the piercing going through cartilage?

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@El_Cadejo I’ve done it years ago and it was hell! It hurt for two years then i decided to leave it. now theres a crease where it was and its closed. i hate it.

@pleiades yeah he didnt even mark it he just put the gun and boom. idiot. he looked very lazy.

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@fuglyduckling If it hurt so bad before, wouldn’t it be pretty obvious this time around if it went through cartilage? I mean just based on the pain…

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Or maybe he’s just really good.

My daughter got her ears pierced by a newbie who did everything “right” but she still got it all wrong. She marked both ears, held the gun just so, and shook just as she was pulling the trigger. The holes are uneven now.

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