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If you sat 1000 monkeys down at 1000 3D-printer Makerbots, would you eventually end up with an A-bomb?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22421points) August 16th, 2014

This is a modernized version of the question:

If you sat 1000 monkeys down at 1000 typewriters, would one of them eventually write the Bible?

My answer: it’s an incredibly low percentage possibility, but it’s not impossible.

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No, because they do not have access to weapons grade uranium, nor the eplosives to compress the urianium beyond critical mass.

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Well, no. Makerbots only print plastic at this time.
None of the 3-D printing technologies mix materials in the way you’d need for an A-bomb.
And certainly none of them currently print uranium or other fissable material.
...You could print some parts, though, that’s for sure.

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Yes, but not before they made the world’s largest 3d printed statue of David Hasselhoff.

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No because before that happened they will have typed out a message reading ‘We will make an atom bomb one day that will destroy us all. Please stop us’ together with a stamp and an envelope addressed to the UN.

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The chances are about the same as one monkey (or jelly) sitting down and writing a sillier question. ;-)

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You most certainly will

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Nope. The hottest 3D printer I know can only do Titanium – nowhere near what is needed for an A bomb.

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3d printing plastic is old tech that just happens to be geek-chic right now for some reason. An A-bomb shell could be made out of plastic but no uranium = no boom. Monkeys would probably tear apart the makerbot before printing anything.

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