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Know and good programs for sending SMS free on mac?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) July 8th, 2008

I lost my iphone and I need to send texts do you know any good programs.

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In the US, you can send email to (cellphone_number) @ teleflip .com [without spaces].

Like this:

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Well I don’t think that will work for me.

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The beauty of Address Book intergration.

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How can you do it with iChat? is there not a more specific program?

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with ichat i believe you simply send a message to their phone number

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iChat does not seem to be working in that way, it wants an AIM or .Mac and none of my friends have them.

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Control click or right click on a buddy in your Buddy List window, choose “Send SMS…” and send the text. Not complicated.

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How to use iChat to send SMS messages

To send an SMS (text message) from iChat to a cellular phone:

1. Choose New Chat with Person (Shift-Command-N) from the File menu.
2. Enter the cellular phone number where you would typically enter the AIM screen name or the Mac .com account. Use the format: +15551234567

Note: You must use the plus sign (+) first, followed by a 1, the area code, and the seven-digit cellular phone number.

3. Click OK.
4. Type the text of your message and click Return.

Okay, it makes reference to “the area code, and the seven-digit phone number”, which very likely means it could be limited to the U.S. YMMV.

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I’ve tried doing the whole iChat / AIM on adium to text people and it’s only worked about 33& of the time.
I can however, text anyone via email using which <3 OH so much.

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I believe there is dashboard widget for OSX that does this.

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