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What soda goes well with American Honey Wild Turkey?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) August 16th, 2014

Any bartenders out there have suggestions? I’ve had it straight up which is pretty good. I heard ginger ale/beer, dr. pepper, or club soda is good. Has anyone tried these mixes?

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Other than club soda or tonic water, learn to drink like a grown up and get way from soda pop with hard liquor. If you don’t like the taste of what you are drinking, don’t mask it with something else.

If you want soda pop, choose that and don’t add the liquor.

People drink hard liquor with soda pop so they can get drunk easier.

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I would think a good ginger beer would be the best mix for wild turkey.

@zenvelo I wholly disagree with what you said there. Nothing juvenile about mixing certain liquor with soda. Not all rum tastes great straight up so rum and coke is a better option.

As per “People drink hard liquor with soda pop so they can get drunk easier.”
Please. If anything this slows down how fast I get drunk because I need to drink more liquid before moving on to “round 2”

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On the rocks would be would be a shame to change the flavor of a decent whisky.

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Rocks and little “branch water”.

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I have always been a fan of Collins Mix.

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Who doesn’t love captain and coke??? I love my soda with liquor…

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<——-This guy hates captain and coke. Vile rum. Overpriced too.

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Former bartender here:

Plain soda only, and I don’t really endorse that. This particular Turkey should be be served on the rocks, with a little water or neat.

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