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Whose voice entrances you?

Asked by Kardamom (28105points) August 16th, 2014

You know me. I’m a sucker for British accents. Lately I’ve become enthralled with the voice of the actor who plays Inspector Brackenreid on The Murdoch Mysteries. The Inspector is played by an actor named (or called as they say in England) Thomas Craig

Listen to his voice. I am swooning.

Whose voice entrances you? Post a link if you are able to.

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Richard Briers had a lovely voice.

I especially love men with “kind” voices. David Attenborough, Michael Palin, Martin Clunes all spring to mind.

I also love voices that are so distinctive, I love to hear Barbra Streisand (especially as an older lady) and Dolly Parton speak as much as I love to hear them sing.

I love a Scottish accent on men or women more than anything.

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Cristopher Lloyd. James Earl Jones

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It’s understandable that you have an affinity for a British accent (although there are many). If forced to not include my SO’s, it would have to be Marcus Buckingham’s. He’s also very nice looking.

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William Hung. Listening to him sing “She Bangs” is like hearing the voice of God whisper soothingly in your ear.

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@Leanne1986 I’m with you on all of those! I miss Richard Briers : ( You know Martin Clunes puts me into an absolute dripping ecstacy : P

@ucme Thank you VERY much for that. Mmmmmmm.

@talljasperman Darth Vader, yes sir!

@Pied_Pfeffer I had never heard of Marcus Buckingham until just now. Very nice.

@Darth_Algar Ha! : )

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Sir Patrick Stewart; Morgan Freeman.

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The guy who fixes my car has a beautiful voice. I see him a couple of times a year, and every time we meet I’m surprised. “Oh yeah, I forgot what you sound like. It’s so pleasant!”

I always tell him he has a voice for radio. He’s a very blue-collar guy and laughs it off. And his laugh is beautiful, too!

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A guy at work…Friday I was mistakenly connected to his voice mail, and sat entranced through the whole message, just listening to his voice.

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There are many, but the first who comes to mind at this moment is Rebekah del Rio

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Morgan Freeman
Jeff Bridges
Kenny Powers Danny McBride

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I could listen to Judy Collins sing forever. Her voice is clear as a bell and pitch perfect.

The same goes for Placido
Domingo both singing and
speaking. Even tho both are
tenors, his voice is so much
smoother and more
mellifluous than Pavarotti.

And Johnny Cash has everyone beat hands down in the Bass category.

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Astrid van der Veen

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Got to be Orson Welles for me.

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Morgan Freeman (just stumbled across this hilarious video from Electric Company) (also, TittySprinkles)

Sir David Attenborough

Stephen Fry (Having Harry Potter read to me by Stephen Fry was all kinds of awesome)

Kevin Spacey (warning… tons of possible spoilers if you haven’t seen House of Cards, and if you haven’t, go do that, like now :P)

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@Kardamom – My favorite is Sir Patrick mooing in different accents from across the UK. His voice was hoarse from doing the two shows on Broadway simultaneously, but it is still a fun interview.

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@hearkat Ya know, when I first read that I thought “surely she meant to say Sir Patrick Stewart in different accents and her phone must have autocorrected it or something” To my pleasant it was indeed mooing :P

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The Yat Dielect or Jamaican.

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@UnholyThirst – A coworker of mine is Jamaican and I just LOVE her accent; her’s is not as thick as the stereotypical Jamaican accent, I think she must have had fairly formal schooling because it’s like a hybrid of a British and Jamaican accent. I should ask her about that.

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Any voice that isn’t pushed, overly accentuated or trained. I can hardly stand Yankee country singers who train to sound like deep south hicks. .. I like soft, natural tones.

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