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What is your favorite Asian (food, not girls) dish?

Asked by Kardamom (28248points) August 16th, 2014

I’m in the mood for some Asian food.

What dishes do you like from Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Laotioan, Cambodian, Filipino, Maylasian and Indonesian cuisines?

Bonus points for vegetarian dishes.

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I was lucky enough to have a Korean room mate in college so I got to try a lot of food I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. So much deliciousness.

I think my favorite however is the Vietnamese dish, Pho. Forget chicken noodle soup, if I want something to truly warm my soul and make me feel better, it’s a big bowl of pho.

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Just about any type of Thai food. I haven’t tried them all, but I love the sauces, especially curries.

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I really like Thai favorite dish is beef with roasted chili paste, i always order it Thai hot. afterwards I like a slice of cool Thai custard along with warm sticky rice with a puddle of coconut milk in the center.

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I am an Unagi kind of guy! Order it every opportunity.

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@majorrich Same here. The sauce that goes on it is just so freakin good.

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For Thai food, I love Pad See Ew

For Vietnamese food, Fresh Spring Rolls

And Szechuan Long Beans

Chinese Hot and Sour Soup has been known to throw me into fits of joy.

I also love Japanese Vegetable Tempura especially sweet potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms, but I would leave the dashi out of the sauce.

And Japanese Inari and Tamago

And Pajeon (Korean scallion pancakes).

And Filipino Casava Root Cake and Lumpia

And Japanese Hiyayakko (Cold tofu salad)

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Comfort food wise. Once again Japanese Onigiri. Generally not on sushi shop menus but they will make them if you ask. It’s mamas kitchen kind of food.

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A few of my favorites:

Chinese – Mu Shu Pork, sweet-sour pork, BBQ spareribs
Vietnamese – Pho with chicken, spring rolls,
Thai – Tom Kha Gai, Pad Thai with chicken

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My favorite looks like this

You can get it with beef, chicken, pork or vegetarian.

It’s the noodle bowl at my favorite local place, Penny’s Noodles.

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Chow Fun. It can be made vegetarian style or with meat.

It’s difficult to find here in the US (even tho ubiquitous in
Asia) because in order to be
done properly it requires fresh
(not dried) wide rice noodles
and Chinese (NOT American) Broccoli)

It is really the ultimate comfort food.

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@Kardamom I had a friend in college who was Vietnamese and would make us spring rolls from time to time. They were SO GOOD. Such an amazingly fresh tasting meal.

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Almost all Chinese food. The names may seem unappetizing (poo poo tray?) but that’s where it stops. Good sauteed food. All the others (to me) can’t hold a light to Chinese.

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