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Question for women: if you're at the back of a crowded elevator and the door opens, would you prefer that all the men cram to the side so you can get off first, or should people exit according to their natural position in the elevator, meaning you would exit closer to last?

Asked by Standswithacane (433points) July 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I saw this ridiculous scene play out a few minutes ago. An elevator full of guys making a small pathway for a woman to exit from the back, instead of just naturally getting off and freeing up the space. With due respect for chivalry, it seems unnecessary and burdensome. If the elevator isn’t crowded, then fine. But what about the crowded elevator? Does it matter?

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I think anyone can answer this question, not only women. If I was on an elevator, we would get off in the natural order; whoever is in front gets off first. Chivalry is dead.

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Personally, I would find that rather odd, and would just prefer to exit at the end. Having said this, I do appreciate chivalrous acts that men will occasionally perform for women (holding a door open, walking on the street side of the sidewalk, opening my car door). I find it very sweet, and appreciate the thought that the man put into it. I don’t think chivalry is dead, nor is it “unnecessary”. There is no problem with it if it is what the man believes to be polite.

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I would be very uncomfortable with a sea of men parting to let me out!! I’d head straight to the bathroom to see if there was a tear in the back of my clothes!

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It seems ridiculous to me to expect a (small) room of men to move aside for me – just get off in a timely manner and I’m happy.

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@ beast… Yep, anyone can answer, and I agree with you. I was just wondering what the ladies thought based on what I saw, and which I’ve noticed before, and which surely must have happened a lot.

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i agree with all the women on this thread. making a small part for me to get through would just make me feel awkward and i would probably give the men a “what is wrong with you?” glance. i have never witnessed this kind of thing though. usually some people just get out of the elevator (if you are in the extreme back), so you can make way and then go back into the elevator. that’s just my experience.

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I say “Get out and Get the Hell out of my way! I’m in a hurry!” Unnecessary dawdling irks me. I also hate to be an inconvenience to anyone. I say it should be handled like exiting an airplane: Closest to the front gets off first.

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Well, was that woman the only one getting off the elavator on that floor?

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Anywho, if it wasn’t just that woman getting off that floor, then i find that extremely odd for those men to make a pathway just for her to get off first.

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@beast: Chivalry is not dead. There are just more a-holes in the world now.
I think everyone should get off according to their floor and depending on how they are situated in the elevator. What would be nice is if someone held the elevator door for the person in the back no matter what the sex on and off the elevator.

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File off in order before the elevator falls, please!

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Why was this question intended for women only?

People who are in the front (men and women) usually get out, so the people in the back can get out. I personally do not go all the way to the back. I stand on the side, so it’s easier to get out.

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It makes more sense to me for everyone to shuffle out as need be. If I have a short ride, I usually try to stay closer to the front out of fear of a) missing my floor b) having to brush past some weirdo

P.S. I don’t think chivalry is dead either

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Ladies first.

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@ babygall… I thought it was odd, I’ve seen it happen before, and I wondered what a woman’s point of view was. Were I a woman it would have made me feel strange. In any event the consensus seems to be just get the hell off and out of the way. My feeling as well.

@ curiouscat, ground floor , everyone getting off. Twas strange.

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I think you should all get off the elevator in order of closest to the door… however, when I am the only women on the elevator there have been several occasions where polite men have put their hand out to allow me to get off of the elevator before them… especially at work. It wasn’t crowded though and certainly wasn’t a spectacle! LOL

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Seriously, that lady must have had some rear since all the blokes wanted to watch her leave!!

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Last on, first off. I wouldn’t want to squeeze through a bunch of guys and be ogled on the way out.

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