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High calorie foods?

Asked by Kay (1608points) July 8th, 2008

I was seriously ill for about 2 months and lost a lot of weight (I was already thin to begin with) and am now trying to put the weight back on slowly and healthfully. Are their any foods that are higher-calorie that would be good for this? Any suggestions for dishes/recipes/etc that pack a good caloric punch? I’m healthy and my doctor says my body is in good shape now, but I’d like to gain back some of the weight since I’m pretty underweight now for my height. Any suggestions for foods that aren’t completely unhealthy and have a lot of calories?

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Nuts! Peanuts, cashews, macadamias and so on.
For hot meals, maybe a good satay or good old fish’n’chips :)

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Pasta, cheese with a glass of wine

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oh wait you said not completely unhealthy.

ummm.. pasta, pork products, several bags of trail mix, those meal bars, eaten as snacks instead of meals (think cliff bars), burgers,

but seriously a lot of CAKE

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I agree with wildflower, nuts are great. Also dairy. Some fish, like Salmon have good fats as well. And pile on the guacamole (mmm…yummy)!

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Look at PnL’s butter chicken recipe on this thread.

Milkshakes as a snack. Oatmeal for breakfast. Mashed potatoes, rice or pasta with every meal.

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deep fired pickles

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mexican food and itlaian food seem like good choices

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avocados are very fatty & very healthy. also you could make coconut rice, or anything with coconut milk, which is also quite caloric.

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totally agree on the avocados. i used to work in a sandwich shop and ate an entire avocado every day and gained 10 pounds.

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I love avocados, so that works out well :) I find my appetite’s coming back stronger each day too, so the fact that I’m able to take in a normal amount of calories has been good as well. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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you need carbs, not calories to put on weight. Calories get burned, carbs get stored(as fat). That being said, I guess breads , pastas amd rice would be considered somewhat healthy. Just eat more of them(carbs) than you are used to.

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Peanut butter milkshakes! It takes 2500 calories (above what you eat to maintain your weight to gain a pound.) Smoothies have a lot of calories and nutrition too.

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