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[NSFW] What would you do if your Internet girlfriend, who you love very much, was dating a crime lord who has his men tie up, torture, and have relations with her every day?

Asked by DrThanos (33points) August 17th, 2014

I mean, she says that it’s consensual, and that her crime lord BF cuddles her lovingly afterwards, and that she loves him, but, every day, the torture (whipping, deep cutting, specialized torture equipment, and who knows what else) seems to get more severe (to the point where she will no longer even talk about it), and I just worry that eventually, she’ll have a heart attack from the extreme pain, coupled with the effects of her long-term cocaine abuse? Not to mention the chance of her ending up with severe PTSD or having some kind of psychotic breakdown. What do you think?

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I would want to make sure this wasn’t a “Catfish” type of scam before anything else.

Have you sent her money?
How is she your girlfriend and
yet consensually involved with
this other guy?
Something is not adding up
here. Sounds fishy to me.

And why are you getting involved with someone with a severe cocaine addiction? What can be possibly be attractive about that? Are you under the illusion that you can save her?

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