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Can we be real? Doesn't Fluther become irritating and annoying sometimes?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 17th, 2014

Yeah, yeah, everyone says they are happy as clams being here. If we can be real, there are times when Fluther (not any particular member, so you can lower shields and unarm the torpedoes) is just plain annoying. Yeah, yeah, I know if it was that bad, I could go somewhere elseā€¦..maybe I have hope it would never be irritating again, and I am waiting. Have you ever found Fluther irritating (if anyone attacks someone else, I will flag you, so play nice)?

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Yeah. Fluther can be really annoying. It distracts me from my everyday tiredness. Ah! I’m a masochist, I want to be tired!

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Yes, that is part of why I have slowed my activities here.

I don’t care much of people disagree with me, but those who cannot come up with logical, fact-based rebuttals presented at least semi-civilly are just frustrating and make me weep for humanity. I actually enjoy dissenting viewpoints, but when one values rhetoric over empirical facts then it’s just annoying.

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No. Fluther doesn’t become annoying and irritating. If you don’t like it, skip it for a few days or a wee.

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Fluther has been mellow and calm lately. I like it.

Coloma sent brownies to all of us.

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^^ Must have missed that in the details, I said I know I would leave (no specific timetable), but I am hoping to see improvement.

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Yes. For example: threads like this.

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^^ Hypoc, you know me. I find fluther annoying 98% of the time, but I’m really enjoying how peaceful and non combative it is lately.

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Read my profile. See. the idea is, if you insult me and it’s an original, I’ll thank you and put it on my profile. If it’s already up there, I’ll tell you that it doesn’t count, and you’ll have to be more original and try again. My first insult was from a moderator, no less! So Fluther wins.

Is Fluther boring? Yes, often. But every once in a while I get in a golden conversation or meet a really great new friend. And I stay because I’ve come to actually care for you guys. You all remain in my prayers.

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Response moderated (Personal Attack)
Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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It most certainly can. That’s why sometimes people leave for a bit :)

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Doesn’t humanity become irritating and annoying sometimes?

“Hell is others” – Jean-Paul Sartre

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Not just any old brownies, a brownie bundt cake. lol

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I guess I can say my response to an attack which was factual and not an attack, is labeled an attack, is quasi annoying.

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Mods, can you sort this out?

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Have a brownie bundt cake @Hypocrisy_Central. The people who like you know what’s up. Now eat, dammit.

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YEs, civility is open to interpretation here. Religion & politics are too hot to handle with class. It sucks.

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Hell yeah, with the mods ridiculous quest for perfection!
I find that really annoying sometimes!!

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I have found that being here too long, too much can make it irritating. It’s like living in a small house with a large family! It can get on your nerves. So, I take a break and come back. (Why do I always miss the modded answers?....sigh)

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^ (Why do I always miss the modded answers?....sigh)
Did not brown nose well enough, did not pay enough vig to the mods, they sent you on a goose chase or a snipe hunt, you were in the Jane, you forgot the secret handshake…...could have been anything.

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No, I don’t find it irritating. Some times it’s quieter than at other times, but even when there’s a shirt storm going on, I don’t find it irritating.

I find some of the members to be irritating. I find some of the comments to be irritating, but mostly not.

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