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When will Tony Stewart be prosecuted for murder?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) August 17th, 2014

All the evidence points to Tony Stewart having purposely hit the young man in that rally.

1. Yellow flags, every driver must drop to 40mph
2. The slower everyone is going, even at night, the track is as light as day at such slow speeds, these drivers are extremely skilled and trained to look far ahead when driving, easily he saw the young man.
3. Tony Stewart has a track record of being a hot head, a pretty solid list at that.
4. Tony Stewart at the same event injured another young driver, at this point he’s a serial offender in these amateur leagues. Think of the skill set of Robinson Cano going down to Double A baseball, or Tom Brady going down to college football to play some amateurs that is the equivalent of Stewards skillset to what he went down to for “fun.” (Ok #4 isn’t necessarily evidence but track record should count for something)
5. This one takes the cake, it is confirmed that Stewart throttled before he struck the young man and you can hear it clear as a bell

It’s amazing how the blue car just before Stewart clearly slowed down and was as far away as possible from the young man and Stewart seems to go plow into him.

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