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Have you recently taken up a new hobby or sport?

Asked by zenzen (4057points) August 18th, 2014

What is it?

What made you start or why did it catch your interest?

If you dont mind let us know your approximate age.


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I started running about a year ago, at the age of 58. I started as an outgrowth of working to improve my health and lose weight. I had started walking, then walking faster, then running/walking. By September of last year I was running the whole time.

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I stopped running last year because my knees hurt. I’m 51.

I went looking for another hard workout. I bike a lot, 20 or 30 miles a day, but it isn’t strenuous.

A good friend had started Krav Maga classes and I tried it out. I love it. Early on it was really hard – I mean “I’m gonna puke” hard. I hadn’t been pushed like that since high school. After a year I was doing 3 or 4 classes a week, not just 1.

On top of the conditioning, it’s all about fighting. We use pads and gloves, nobody gets hurt. But we go all out, punching and kicking, sometimes with two or three people attacking. It’s a blast, you really get to go nuts.

I had surgery in June and had to take a break from Krav class. Every day I wish I could get back to class. I really miss it.

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Still amateurin’ it up on the guitar. I like music, and I started many years ago after getting a guitar for Christmas. I only picked it up again a few months ago, and this fall I’m taking lessons through my school. I’m 19. I also want to learn how to ride a longboard because I go many places.

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I’m 26. I really want to learn how to make my own clothes, but ever since I borrowed my mom’s sewing machine I’ve realized it’s a lot harder to use. My mom doesn’t know how to use it cause it was willed to her. And I don’t have enough money or time to take sewing classes.

Ironically the whole point of learning how to sew was to save money.. :/

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I started lifting weights. I gained 10 lbs after a 30 lb weight loss, and I am a bit fanatical about not going back to my former weight.

Ideally, I’d be doing yoga, but I have the flexibility to do something during my (as long as I need) lunch break, and yoga isn’t convenient.

I thought I’d be sweating like mad 5 days a week, but the tried and tested program I’ve started is pretty reasonable and only requires three days a week. More isn’t more productive.

But, I like it and expect to see gains in two months. I’m 41.

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I have resumed blogging. I used to blog a lot, but haven’t done it in years, so it feels new. I knew I needed to start because my feelings about the stage of life I’m in are very jumbled. Blogging helps me with self-reflection. Also, I very much want to remember the year I’m about to have, so getting it in writing is going to be helpful to that end too. I’m 22.

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I have joined the rural fire service as a volunteer fire fighter. We recently moved to a rural area, and it is a good way to get to know good people, while giving back to the community. I am 50.

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