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Why does Fluther have pop up adds for members as well as non-members now?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) August 18th, 2014

I have to turn my anti-virus scanners to block some of the ads. Are the adds supposed to be on Fluther?

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I don’t see any ads..

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Do you have highlighted words that direct to pop-up / another page? If so you may have downloaded malware.

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It’s malware. I had the same problem a few months ago. Then we did a full computer clean-up and it was great…for about a week. Gotta do it again, but it’s not as bad as it was, yet.

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No ads here.

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It doesn’t. You have adware.

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Never had ads on my machines, not my netbook or my tower.

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Because your porn-surfing with inadequate protection infected your computer… again.

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@jerv Guilty. I only go on one porn site, but I think I downloaded adware from Civ Alpha Centaury.

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Alpha Centauri isn’t a Civ game :P
But yea, as others have said, it’s on your end. I suggest getting a good ad blocker for your browser.

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Sounds like you’ve caught yourself some malware, talljasperman

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Spybot v1.6 and Avast! do decent at preventing that sort of thing.

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I once downloaded a FaceBook video uploader so I could put PS4 vids from FB to YT. Boy what a mistake that was…but any decent malware remover should work. In my case I just ran an AVG scan and it got rid of the problem. Why the anti virus didn’t detect it first, I’ll never know. :/

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@Symbeline Because AVG. The only virus I’ve ever had on a PC was one that AVG let slip through. That’s when I stopped using AVG.

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As I understand it, the virus I had piggy backed the program I wanted. Not that it mattered, it was an unofficial piece of crap that didn’t work, anyway. But yeah, Avast! seems more efficient, although learning to not dl any crap I see is always key.

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It doesn’t matter which virus protection we purchase, eventually we end up with a virus that our particular virus checker misses, and we have to purchase a second, and even a third to get it. We have a family member who likes to play a lot of video games, and we think that’s where the weird viruses come from. That sucks.

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@snowberry The “wandering out” on the internet by members that use your computer is probably where all the “nasties” come from

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@snowberry My experience is that it’s either people using the inferior stuff that came pre-installed, people running nothing at all, or disabling what they have because the antivirus software tries to keep them from an infected file/site that they want access to. The last is common amongst those who get files from unreliable sources like peer-to-peer file sharing or “warez” sites; the sort of places where those who don’t want to pay for commercial games go to get “free” stuff and sometimes pay with their hard drive. Is that family member using legal games or cracked software?

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If it isn’t Malware, there’s another possibility.

Have you tried going to the login page and entering your SN and password ?

Occasionally Fluther stops recognizing me as a member. I can still use the site but everytime I switch pages there’s another ad.

That’s when I know I have to login again. And, magically, the ads disappear again. Until next time.

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@jerv Normally we use Norton, but it’s missed some serious malware and re-direct viruses. I don’t know much about computers, but I can’t understand how an outfit like Norton could miss out so consistently. Right now we’ve got AVG on.

The only “wandering out” we do is either on or here. Other than that, there’s e-mail, and we don’t download stuff often.

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@snowberry The household version of Norton has had mixed views over the years. It also only goes after viruses and does nothing for other forms of malware. Avast! has had a consistently higher detection rate, and I run Spybot to catch/block the non-virus malware, largely as it has real-time protection as opposed to on-demand scanning.

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@jerv I have MacAfee for free, from my ISP.

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@talljasperman In other words, you’re unprotected. MacAfee hasn’t been relevant for decades, and is one of the lower-rated programs out there. AV-Comparatives gives Avast! and Avira awards while MacAfee barely qualifies for “also ran”. Don’t send a mall cop to do SEAL Team jobs. ;)

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