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How many words go with "giving one's own opinion" in the following dictionary?

Asked by flo (10479points) August 18th, 2014

It is a reverse dictioary, I entered giving one’s own opinion hoping to find weighing-in Here
What am I missing because only a few of them make sense to me.
Which words do or don’t (whichever list is smaller) make sense to you?

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They all make sense in the right context. But there is a lot of nuance expressed in the various alternatives in that list.

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It doesn’t look like this tool is very sophisticated. It appears to have looked for words that are similar to each word you entered, as well as the entire phrase that you entered. So there are words that match:

Offering: take, pass, give, make, voluntary, volunteer
Ones/own: personally, private, conscience, autograph, self-interest, egoism
Opinion: think, opine, counsel

Since any word that is returned by searching “opinion” will probably also be returned by “offering one’s own opinion”, it’s hard to tell which might be the result of the algorithm trying to match the entire phrase. Some of the words in the list are characteristic of offering a negative or unwanted opinion (chauvinism, intolerant, etc.), but they still sort of fit your search terms.

But there are also, as you say, a lot of words that don’t fit any of these terms individually or as a phrase. I can only think that this happens because other people who entered some of your words in the past also entered terms that matched these.

Basically, the search engine seems to be trying to think too hard. But I’m just offering my own opinion. ;)

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These words are all subjective in that the situation they describe can be manipulated according to the point of view. So take a controversial subject, and you can sway an argument any way you want with these words used in the right context.

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The task is further complicated by the fact that your original context offering one’s opinion is a verb but the list includes nouns and adjectives as well, so many of them are certain not to make sense. For example, “treat” should really be “entreat”.

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I would say 3. Only #5, #35 and #54
Opine, counsel, declare.

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Thanks everyone.
My thought exactly @LuckyGuy.
The dictionary is telling me “give me the description, and I will give you the word/s, that is it.

1)And in what order are the words listed? It is not alphebetical?
2) Why is the weighing in not there?

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