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A modest proposal for a Fluthery change?

Asked by janbb (51211points) August 19th, 2014

I’ve been thinking about the dearth of questions on Fluther and how to increase the number of good ones. While I know Our Founders are not doing any programming, I was thinking maybe one of our Mods (you know who you are) might get approval to make the following small change. How about if getting a GQ did increase your lurve, even if the giver had maxed out on you? Would that small change increase the number of quality questions asked on Fluther? Your thoughts?

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I don’t think so @janbb. It can increase quantity, but it can’t guarantee quality.

You know, crafting a question is really easy, but making it interesting is hard. Especially after “so many good questions have already been asked”, like some senior jellies have claimed.

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@Mimishu1995 But this would only be for questions that got “GQs” – not just for asking a question.

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@janbb I know. But like I said, crafting a good question isn’t easy. In order to get GQs, you first have to craft a question because how can you get GQ without a question? Someone who craves for lurves will craft a lot of questions. But can you determine that the questions will be good?

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Jan, perhaps ask the mods directly?

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I thought it might be worth finding out if there was interest in the idea first. Perhaps not.

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Anyone who asks questions here with the primary intent of seeing worthless numbers accredited to their account rise, needs to have a word with themselves.

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@janbb At least your suggestion will increase the number of questions asked. One jelly used to complain that there are so few questions asked these day :)

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In order to make this type of change, we would need to consult with Ben to make sure this is a change that he would be okay with. Even if the moderators agree that it is a good idea, this is ultimately his website.

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@muppetish Yes, I understand that.

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I’d like it. Can’t hurt, at any rate, and it may well help :]

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I say we need to somehow empower the nervous Jellies who need answers.

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It might help. I’m for it.

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I think lurve should be a warm fuzzy bonus, not the motivation.

While kind of a killjoy, limiting how much one user can lurve another user is a good way to keep it in check.

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I think it would be worth a try just to keep Fluther from withering on the vine.

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I have my doubts it would help, but I can’t see any harm in trying it. I don’t watch my lurve much, so I tend to think others don’t either. The only time I really look at lurve is when I answer a Q and my answer doesn’t agree with most other answers.

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I Can’t ask questions via mobile, I have lots of good ones. Is it just my sucky phone or do others have that problem?

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@KNOWITALL Your sucky phone. Sorry, dude.

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How are you accessing Fluther from your phone? Try a different browser maybe.

Are you using the Fluther App?

It’s been outdated for some time now but you never could ask Qs from the App but the mobile interface was fine.

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NOt sur, I’ll try to figure it out. The dog partially chewed it so I’m just lazy to get a new one!

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If you have an Android phone there are numerous other browsers you could use rather than the stock browser that comes with the phone You
can find them in the Google
Marketplace and most are free.

Give either Firefox or Opera a try. I’d be extremely surprised if you could not ask Qs from either.

How “sucky” your phone is or isn’t is really beside the point if you’re using a browser different from what came with the phone.

Whether it’s a computer, a tablet, or phone, the Internet functions available to you are determined by the browser you use NOT the device you are using.

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