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If you could venture inside someone's memories, whose memories would you choose?

Asked by WickedVamp (605points) August 19th, 2014

Anybody, anywhere. To experience someone else’s life the way they remembered it and to make those memories your own would be…what?

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One anonymous Healer from a Native American tribe who lived, maybe five hundred years ago.

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Yuck. I have no interest in someone else’s memories.

Memory with context and experience is meaningless.

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I think that would be so interesting. I love history and there have been so many interesting time periods. To experience things as the happened would be fun. I couldn’t narrow it down to one.

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I don’t want to make anyone’s memories “my own”. But I’d really like to visit my mothers.

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Obama. Just so I could write a sensational memoir and make millions.

I’d love to tell, and have told, his factual history.

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This is such a great question but also a difficult one! I’ll need time to think about it to see if I can come up with one that stands out.

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The only memories that remotely interest me are those of Milo. What is he thinking about while staring into corners or chasing invisible things at break-neck speed?

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My parents, just to see if they were really as perfect as they claim to be.

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Members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

This is a time that fascinates me. I love to explore and experience new places that are out of reach. The memories would be interesting and inspiring.

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Barbara Streisand, then i’d cut her throat & stop her warbling shit songs like that.

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Edgar Allan Poe. I want to feel what he felt when he wrote those dark masterpieces. I would have loved to have met him…

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@UnholyThirst That would be fun to peer into the darkness with someone like that. Or into someone’s mind that’s totally evil. What are they thinking when they unleash their brand of evil?

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I’d like to see what Elizabeth Bathory seen during the 600+ killings and bathing in the blood of her victims. That’s remarkable and admirable.

As for now, you and I already share the same memories. Forever.

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My father. I’d just like to know the truth.

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No question.Tesla.

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The SOB who framed me for a phone call I didn’t make.

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