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Anyone have some good recipes that involve hot peppers?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34610points) August 19th, 2014

I grew a TON of hot peppers this year and am trying to find ways to use them all. I have bird’s eye chili, habanero, and ghost pepper plants. I’m looking more for things that can last a long time(hot sauces, chutneys, oils and similar things) but am also open to some recipes for things to be consumed that day.

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I like jalapeƱos chopped fine in the bottom of my tossed salads, about ½ pepper per bowl. And I like Anaheim peppers sliced on top. But that’s not much of a “recipe”, I suppose.

The one time I made it, I also received rave reviews on my salsa (from native Dominicans, who ought to know good salsa). But fresh salsa is another one of those things that you pretty much have to consume in short order, before it goes bad.

But you could always learn to pickle those peppers. And who knows, you may find someone to pick a peck of those pickled peppers.

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Heh..I JUST put on a batch of home made chili with fresh ( from the garden ) Serrano and Jalapeno peppers, along with scads of red, orange and yellow sweet peppers. Mmmm good. I sauteed the chilis with the meat and onions.

Fresh cut Basil and Oregano too and 4 kinds of beans, pintos, black, red and kidney.
It’s gonna be to die for in another hour or so. :-)

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Dry them and make chili powder. That’s what we’re doing with most of our peppers. The powder goes a long way, especially with the very hot peppers.

My favorite powder was one that my husband made two years ago. It included jalapeno, bell pepper, serrano, habenero and banana pepper from our garden. I had enough to last all winter to toss in batches of chili and taco meat or anything I wanted to add a little heat to.

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@jonsblond I have a dehydrator and plan on drying any peppers I don’t use up in other recipes.
So not looking forward to the day when I’m dehydrating ghost peppers :P

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Keep those windows open! I was mowing the other day when Jon presented me with my first taste of ghost pepper. I put my tongue on the end of the pepper and that was it for me. omg. I’ll stick with habaneros.

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@jonsblond Heh, sounds about right. In proving my “manliness” to myself I decided to just pop a whole ghost pepper in my mouth. Holy shit…hottest thing I’ve ever eaten, and yet a part of me still wants to try a moruga scopion. ....

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