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Why does it keep saying that Fluther is over capacity?

Asked by flip86 (6172points) August 20th, 2014

If I type into my address bar or click Google’s search result, it brings me to a page that says fluther is over capacity.

Here is a screenshot:

I could only get into the site through my history by clicking on a question URL. It’s weird too because I can access everything now that I’m in.

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Try pressing Shift while refreshing the over capacity page. Maybe that will work.

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It’s a temporary issue with the server, and as you said, sometimes there are ways to sneak around it. Other times, no.

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I sent this question to one of our tech experts, but I’m fairly confident that @gailcalled is correct. We have been having a number of minor problems in the past few days, all of which could have been caused by server glitches. At least two of them seem to be resolved at this point, however, so I’m hopeful the problem may have passed. Definitely let us know if the problem continues on your end.

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@Mimishu1995 Nailed it. Now it works just fine.

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I have been having the same issue. I just posted this q on the FB page for Jellies, because I didn’t know what else to do. From my phone, it’s fine. From the computer, still not fine. I thought it’s because I’m on vacation and it’s a different internet provider – meaning some kind of weird provider issue.

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I’m a bit out of my element here, so what I’m about to say might not be as relevant as I think it is. It is possible, however, that the intermittency of the problem is to be explained by the fact that Fluther runs on multiple servers. As such, it may be that only one of them is having a problem. And since we don’t connect to the same server every time we visit the site, we won’t always experience trouble.

Please note that I do not have access to the servers. It’s entirely possible that one of the people who does will show up any minute to say I have no idea what I’m talking about.

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