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Why is jogging healthy?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) August 20th, 2014

I see people jogging everyday who are skinny, old or sickly. If jogging is supposed to make you feel good and look good why doesn’t it work?

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The reason I jogged for so many years years was because it helped me keep my weight down. But I’m paying the price now with bad feet and knees.

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The purpose of jogging is to exercise, which contributes to one’s overall health. Most people feel better when they are healthier, and they generally think they look better as well. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that exercise cannot magically change the way you look and may be used to keep one’s health from deteriorating further rather than to improve it. So an older person won’t suddenly look like they are 25 again just because they jog, but they might look and feel much better than if they weren’t exercising at all.

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It’s actually bad for you if you are already healthy and active. Your heart shouldn’t be over worked, a lot of long distance runners develop heart problems. A species with a faster heart rate usually has a shorter life expectancy, so don’t run too much and stay away from red bull and you will live longer. Not fact just my opinion btw. I’m also a smoker stoner and borderline drunk so I shouldn’t be commenting on cardiovascular health should I ?

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Perhaps looking good is too much to hope for, but looking better certainly comes through exercise. As @Pachy has pointed out, it’s the joints of the body that pay the penalty for running.

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Moderate running is incredibly healthy. The key is moderate. Not exercising is actually bad for your joints and bones also. Typically I’ll run around three miles daily. Health benefits beyond that are highly debatable but the cardiovascular benefits of 1–3 miles are not. I spend a lot of time in a cubicle at work these days so I feel it’s mandatory for me.

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It has worked well for me. I have been running for a year now, about 15 miles a week. I feel better than I have in 20 years.

The people you see that are running that are old might not be around if they were sedentary. And the skinny ones might otherwise be overweight.

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When you jog, your endorphins level goes high which makes you happier. So every time you jog, you feel so great, especially if the weather is good and the air is fresh. So you remember that you were in your happy place and want to do that over and over again. That happens to me at least:)

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Jogging gets your heart rate up, burns some calories, and helps release endorphins, just like any exercise, and all those things are good for your health when done in moderation. I personally thinking jogging or running daily is a bad idea, and especially when done for very long distances. Jogging is the same repetitive motion over and over again, and for that reason a lot of people who jog eventually get foot and knee troubles. A variety of exercise is better in my opinion.

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