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Doesn't it seem a bit early for migratory waterfowl to be headed South, and do they know something we don't?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) August 21st, 2014

I saw a V of geese headed South this week, and it made me stop and think. It’s August and they’re heading out already? Has anyone else observed unusual animal activity related to the seasons? I’m hoping we don’t get another rough Winter. Thoughts?

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I suspect there may be a lot of regional differences. In areas with below normal rainfall, birds may be leaving prematurely. In our neck of the woods, we’ve had above normal rainfall but below normal temperatures.
And are you sure they were leaving and not just heading to a different lake?

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We’ve had plenty of rain, but it’s been cool. No the group was big enough, they were migrating and in the big v shape. Usually they just fly in groups of two or so when they’re moving around here.

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I know nothing of waterfowl. The “V” attracted me ;)

Maybe they’re a gang just looking around.

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Laughs, The Geese Warriors? No this was too big of a group and they were planning on covering some major ground. When they’re going short distances they don’t worry about forming up into the V.

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Warriors….come out to PLAAAAAaaaaaYYYYY

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That was a good flick.

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I often see small groups traveling short distances in V formation. I do think it’s possible they were just traveling to another water source, as @syz suggested.

I haven’t noticed any early migrations. I live in a migration corridor along the Mississippi and we did have a late arrival of snow geese this past spring. They usually arrive in February, but they didn’t appear until late March this year. Flocks in the thousands rest in the fields near our home.

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No, these were headed out. We have several ponds below us and lakes nearby, so we see them moving from one to the other all the time. These were in too big of a group to be doing that.

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Maybe they’re just moving because a undesirable element recently moved in to their neighborhood.

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The house by the ponds did just change hands, but this group was a lot bigger than the ones that hang out on the ponds from time to time.

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These geese are the ones with the cheap condos right on the beach. They get down there early so they can reserve the blue beach chairs with the awnings.

Yes, it’s way too early, but I’m not sure I would make much of it. You’re too far north.

If I start seeing large flocks going south (and I am in georgia) that’s a different story.

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Ah the cheap condo principal. I was thinking they must be pathfinders or something similar.

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I imagine the V you observed in the sky is a sign not of upcoming weather, but rather an unexpected season that will live on in your memories…

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Wicked always has the most charming way of showing the way…

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@WickedVamp I have a lot on my plate right now. I don’t know where it’s going. We’ll see.

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@UnholyThirst Yes she does. Quiet waters run deep.

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