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What do you do when you get caught in the rain without an umbrella?

Asked by RedKnight (488points) August 21st, 2014

I usually have an umbrella just in case it rains, but I notice that a lot of people don’t have an umbrella for when it rains. I sometimes offer my umbrella to someone else, but there tends to be a lot of people without them.
How do you cope with the rain?
Do you just go for it?
Do you use a bookbag or newspaper to cover your head?
Do you wait for it to slow down or stop?

Personally, I love the rain and would just walk through it if I didn’t run the risk of getting sick or messing up my clothes before a class or something. Thanks for the input.

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I almost always wear a ball cap. So I just ignore it. I’ll dry.

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If there is little rain, I’ll just ignore it. Otherwise I just use my raincoat if I have one. I don’t mind rain as long as they don’t mess with my things too much. If there isn’t a raincoat, I just use my coat. I only wait for it to stop when the rain is too heavy and/or I have time.

I rarely use an umbrella because I don’t like carrying it. It isn’t as portable and protective as a raincoat.

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I bring an umbrella with me like you do because I don’t like getting caught in the rain. (I’m not a big fan of piƱa coladas either.) If I do get stuck without one, I’ll grab a newspaper to cover my head or else just run for shelter. I don’t actually dislike the rain; I just dislike being stuck in the downpour and getting soaked.

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I don’t use umbrellas or raincoats. I just get wet.

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I generally wear a coat with a hood, just in case (I live in England). In the unlikely event that I am unprepared for rain, I would wait for the rain to stop, or just walk quickly if I have to be somewhere. I don’t really like umbrellas; they annoy me. I also hate it when people offer to share their umbrella with me as they are generally much shorter than me and I have to walk at a crazy angle.

I’m interested that you think getting wet makes you sick. I come from Scotland and got wet a lot when I lived there. i used to sit at work with wet feet for most of the day if my shoes leaked or I stepped in a deep puddle. Wasn’t sickly at all.

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I spend about one half of the year in England, in an area where it rains almost every day. Like @Stinley, it’s just a matter of purchasing coats with hoods. Wellingtons also come in handy. I’ve tried umbrellas, but it’s breezy enough there that they don’t last. We don’t own a car, so walking to the market and back with bags in hand makes it impossible to carry an umbrella.

Getting wet from rain won’t cause illness. Studies have been conducted that show cold weather can generate more reasons for catching a cold or flu, but it isn’t a direct cause.

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I rarely carry an umbrella but I do carry a waterproof cap and I wear that if it rains. I don’t mind getting wet so much but rain on my glasses is a nuisance..

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I’m from the north east of englandtown, it can rain in stair rods & i’ll still go out in a tee, ah felt nowt la!

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I usually check the weather first. So I don’t carry an umbrella all the time, just when I expect it to rain. I’m a long umbrella person. That’s just how it is.

If I’m carrying too much that day, I’ll wear a raincoat and leave the umbrella at home.

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Since getting ill from getting wet is a myth, I don’t worry about that at all. If I have to “look good” – e.g. for a job interview – I will carry an umbrella. Other than that, never. I do wear a raincoat when walking the dog in unstable weather, because I don’t enjoy being cold and wet for two hours.

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I do my best to ignore the rain and just keep on with my life. It amuses me to see the minions cowering in the alcove waiting for a break in the weather before they chance going to their vehicles. It is only rain and you should be grateful to have it.

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