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How to access boot menu on ASUS computer?

Asked by 1genius (4points) August 21st, 2014

I got an ASUS computer the other day and promptly forgot my password. I have a boot CD with which I plan to change my password, but I can’t access the boot menu.
I’ve tried ESC, F2, F4, F8, F12, Delete, CTRL,and the list goes…
I’ve tried pressing and holding the keys as well as tapping them repeatedly.
Anyone have any ideas?

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Which one is it?

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The model number is X551MAV-RCLN06

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F1 then F9 quickly.

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If its running Windows 8 and the BIOS is booting in UEFI mode as opposed to compatible mode then the POST “window” for hitting the right button is incredibly small (like a fraction of a second). For their motherboards Asus has a windows app that will reboot to the BIOS and that is literally the only way I can get to it normally.

The manual for X551MA (I couldn’t find the manual for your exact model) says F2 is the key so you may need to retry a few times to get lucky.

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